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Although Ground Control comes with a nice collection of good multiplayer maps Several people have been designing and building new scenarios for us to play. A special mention to Ninja Prime who has been lately filling the Krig 7B cartographic database with some quite great maps.

To install them, after downloading the files and unzip if necessary, put the *.sdf files in the “GC\data\maps\” folder. (create it if necessary) Don’t put the files in the “GC\maps\” one or they won’t work.

This are the ones you will need to play with us

And this ones are for collector purposes only.

  •  Joxer’s Basic Map Pack — A collection of maps from very different sources that we usually play online (several sdf files inside a zip) It’s no longer needed as the maps are included in the Balance mod. Here is the link.
  • All old maps pack — A collection of every multiplayer map from very different map makers except for the Ninja Prime packs as they are under development and subject to updates. Inside you’ll find both good and horrible multiplayer maps. We have divided them into 3 different packs and recomend you don’t install all of them at once as a large amount of maps installed has been reported to give connection problems to some users and even cause the game to crash. Here are the links;
    DeathMatch Collection Pack
    Other Maps Collection Pack
    Skirmish+Coop Collection Pack


If you want to try to develop maps for the community you will need GenEd and probably will find this map making video tutorial by Ninja Prime quite useful


This is a basic list and specifications of common played maps in Ground Control online games. If you are new to the game they’ll give you a view of the different kind of maps and strategies played in GC.


(they are installed along with the game)

Heavy Metal


(custom maps hosted and played through Game Ranger included in the Balance Mod)

Death Valley
Howling Winds
El Cajón
Mars Outpost
Heavy Metal 2

17 responses to “GC maps

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  2. It would be a good idea to make one sdf file for the map packs rather than having single sdf files, it would make it easier to manage then. I may do this if its OK with you guys.

      • Yes I will be doing that, one big sdf file with all my maps in it. It will also have the pre-configured squad files, so launching games should be quicker, unless the player wants to change the load-outs, but it should help newer players when trying to select the correct load-outs for each unit,

        I was also thinking of combining the other maps that are currently single sdf files and putting them into one sdf file too.
        So that there will only be a couple of large sdf files in the players map folder, what do you think?

      • Well. About your maps I’m still a separate packs backer but as you prefer. About the old maps, I still think having all them installed really jeopardizes the connection to the hosts and the hosting itself so I would let them as they are… but that’s my opinion, of course.
        The predefined actually useful load-outs are something just great :0)

  3. I have to agree with nox here, since i changed to windows 8 back in December, I’ve been having low performance regarding fps rate, exactly because there were too many maps to load… perhaps having them sorted by type (DM-COOP-AS…just like you’re doing). but we can try it and see what happens.

  4. Not a problem, but having one large map pack for my maps would help with all the different versions out there at the moment. I haven’t really had any performance issues with my PC due to lots of maps in the selection area, maybe its because my PC is slow anyway so I haven’t really noticed it as much. Regarding the pre-configured sqd files, its now going to be the norm in all my maps, it’s just a question of what actual squads to include the drop ships, as each player has their own favourite load-out. Anyway I will endeavour to select the most popular ones and leave it to the player to change if they want to. I just discovered that I will need to make the default sqd file and populate it with the default settings, as setting them with equipment and weapons that are not available in the lower tech levels will crash the game. We normally play at tech level 6, so I have created the pre-configured files for that one.

  5. The problem with maps is not a matter of PC speed but problems connecting and hosting. It’s as if when entering the GC room the host had to send the list of maps to the clients and if it’s too long the probability of losing connection grew.
    I would set the default squads for a hypothetical new player:
    1 crusader + beams + meds on speed for OND
    1 Marine + 1 jag + rockets + heavies for CC (though here I’m sure others should be able to tell you a better one)

  6. If your using W8, have you run GC in Compatibility mode? That might help.
    Don’t forget to do that for GR if they have an update, as GR is so flaky every-time it has an update I always have to reset the compatibility mode to W7 😦

  7. GC even runs fine to me without compatibly mode, but yes i’ve tried that. Now for GR I didn’t use compatibly mode, lol will try that.

    The wierd thing is that i have 2 installs of GC in different folders for modding purposes(namelly balancemod) and the one with fewer maps runs alot better.

  8. I am still not convinced that the number of maps (SDF) files has any real impact on the performance, as I have tested it with all the maps and then only with my map packs, and the result has always been the same in my case. So I don’t really understand what would cause that. I plan on upgrading my PC before Xmas, so any lagging would be minuscule IMO, At the moment I only have a duel core processor, the next one I plan to get is an 8 core one, I think if I remember GC needed more memory to run properly.

    • Anyway, about the map making, i think something is wrong with the GenEd linked here, i dont know if it is a problem related to the files or not.I simply put the gened files on /data folder and when starting the application it gives me an error message and crashes. i’ve runned compatibily tests, reinstalled gc and extracted again and the problem persists.

      Can someone else confirm if there is something wrong with the files?


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