Hello out there!

Who are we?

Well most of us started playing Ground Control many years ago we have loved this game and still do, i believe that this game marked a part of our lives with good moments, but like everything else in the world… GC had an ending, an ending forced by the company who hold the online servers when they shut them down thus not allowing us to continue playing the multiplayer.

It may have ended for everyone else, but not for us it didn’t… You know when you look into the sky at night and see a distant star, just a little faint dot of light with insignificant size compared to the vastness of the universe, well we feel like that, yet we won’t give up on our passion for this game, because that is what make us go forward.

Thanks for stopping by…

9 responses to “About

  1. Our passion to see this community grow and to see more people on line also keeps us going. Until you’ve played this game you’ll understand why we are so passionate about it. The game may be old but its uniqueness and gameplay has kept us returning to it. TBH I used to think that I was the only one who ever played this game until I found this community. We welcome everyone to join us, once you’ve experienced this you’ll understand why we just keep returning. See you on ground.

  2. Hello!
    I’ve played this game years ago, and I enjoy it very much! I like to play it again, but first I want to know: is there a mod that allow air units to be repaired by the APC? And the game can be played in skirmish mode?
    PS: Sorry for my poor English, is not my native language!

  3. Hi there!
    I think there was a mod by Kevx that did so (repair air units but we are playing just the last update without mods at the moment. About the skirmish: You can play the skirmish maps.
    Hope to see you soon on the ground, man.

  4. Lool não sou o unico jogador brasileiro,existem muitos outros que jogaram e hoje não sabem que da pra jogar multiplayer, se esqueceram do jogo infelizmente.

  5. I’m considering buying both games again and need help getting online with you guys. I just found your website and think it’s fun to know people are still playing these games. Please send me any information that can help get the game setup.

    I appreciate anything you can do to help me.


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