Modding tools

Here you have the modding and edditing tools released by Massive

  • gc_sdk11
    The SDK for modding GC, with all necessary tools and some documentation inside.
  • mp3tompd
    converts mp3 files into mpd files. The ones played by the games.
  • SDFextract
    extracts the files from an SDF file.
  • SDFman
    creates SDF files.
  • PackMod
    packs mods???
  • GenEd
    Map editor. If you are new to it you probably should check Ninja’s map making tutorial.
  • Original Data2.sdf
    In case you need to roll back from any of the mod versions made by Stat.
    Just rename the file from Data2.sdf_orginal to Data2.sdf and replace the one located in your GC\data\ folder.

8 responses to “Modding tools

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  2. Okay! gc_sdk11: The SDK for modding GC, with all tools. Also include packMod.exe, which cannot be found ANYWHERE else (thank you Nox!).
    mp3tompd.exe: converts mp3 files into mpd files that the game can play as music.
    SDFextract: extracts the files from an SDF file (which is really more like an archive)
    SDFman: creates aforementioned SDF files
    GenEd: Ground Control’s map editor. Really finnicky, windows needs to be configured correctly to load without errors.


  3. I have 3 different versions of the GenEd. One from Massive’s ftp, one from unknown sources (both around 800 Kb) and one from Ninja (around 5Mb). The one linked is the latter. I don’t know if that 16 bits thing applies to all of them or not so just mentioning.

  4. I’am afraid that GenEd needs to run in 16bit, doesn’t matter what version you use. Just to clarify that the version I use for the map making is 3.603 and not 3.604, which is for the DC expansion. I have tried creating maps with 3.604 for the community but it seems to crash the game. The reason the GenEd version I use is so large is because I couldn’t get the original one to work properly and Kevix had to send me the amended files. I hope that clarifies things, so get modding everyone!!

  5. Heyyy noxx como haces para poder usar el SDF extractor no puedo abrirlo sera porque uso Win 7 ??

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