GC Units

Ground Control Configuration Breakdown


Below there are the logos of each Ground Control faction which you may click to find detailed information of the units and their configuration options. Air and anti-air units have not been included since they are rarely, if ever, used in multiplayer games. Items that are commonly used and recommended are underlined. Other weapons or equipment may be used, of course, and may even be preferable in given situations, but the underlined items represent the best choice in most instances and are good for beginners. Keep in mind that only limited equipment is available, so picking one item will preclude another. For example, OND medium tanks can take either shields or a missile defender turret. The defender turret is very useful for guarding radar emplacements, but the shield is the item in bold because of the protection it gives the tanks themselves and is better in most scenarios. This list also does not cover the “tilt” of the units (balanced, offensive, defensive, speed), which is a matter of personal preference.

4 responses to “GC Units

  1. Hi, Nemesys_Hungary here, now this is the section that I think would welcome my “database” pictures. (finally could register here)

  2. It was such a long time ago that I don’t even remember what I sent. What did I send?

  3. i need this document ”C:/Sierra/GC/data/managementdata”C:/Sierra/GC/data/attributemodifiers” I don’t find them disappeared

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