New Players


This page is dedicated to the new players that decide to join us playing Ground Control, here you’ll find all the required things to play with us.
Alright, so lets start at the beginning, you don’t need to be worried with paying anything, the official game is FREE for download, and also the program that we use to play.

1. The basics

To join us you will need two things:

  • Ground Control
    Once you get there click over where it says “Download Now”
    In case you have problems downloading from Fileplanet try this mirror
  • Last mod
    Due to popular demand we are currently modding the game to balance factions.
    It will also add the Joxer’s basic pack of multiplayer maps
    You’ll find a list of changes here
    To install it just download the file and overwrite the data2.sdf in your GC\data folder
  • GameRanger
    Download it and create an account.

OK, now you have the tools to join us, but let’s go back a little so you can understand why we use an extra program(GAMERANGER) to play this game. Ground Control is a very old game, released since the year 1999, and since that year a lot of things have changed as you can imagine. The server provider for the Ground Control Multiplayer got shut down not allowing us to play, that is why we use GameRanger, it allows us to host games by using the LAN protocols therefore we have no need to use the original multiplayer, in other words it’s like having a LAN but that lan is online giving you the chance to play with everyone you want outside the LAN. 🙂

Another important thing is that we are few players at the moment and we have jobs, family, friends to attend to, so we have agreed on an hour and days to meet which is at 10pm GMT (Greenwich Meridian Time zone or if you prefer United Kingdom and Portugal Timezone) on Fridays and also the rest of the weekend, anyhow we still have games during the week, though on Fridays is the time most of us join up.

Also important is to download Ventrilo , we use this program to voice-chat while playing. (details on how to connect to the VENT. server here)

Don’t hesitate to log into GameRanger during normal weekdays, sometimes there is people that host matches, so if you can’t make it during the Fridays or Weekends, do log when you can!

2. Tips and tricks, Unit descriptions, Maps, etc..

After the basics you can already play with us, nevertheless there are more things that need your attention:

We try to be a dynamic community and some players contribute with making new multiplayer maps for us to play online, during matches all must have the latest map packs in order to play, else we play the usual standard maps that came with the game.

In the GC maps page you have information on how to install the maps and also the links to download them. (lately new maps are released weekly so changes take place frequently). Besides this information there is also a link for map a making tutorial and the map editor download(GenEd).

You probably also want to check these sections:

We are receptive to any question or suggestions you have, so if any, email us, use the forums or even comment the post and ask away! we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Stay  with us!

The Vets Team.

51 responses to “New Players

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    • mamma miaaaa Kutter !

      How’s everything !? and Lino how’s Lino ? and Fabrizio!?
      its good to hear from you again, try to show up on weekends, will see you soon

      Un grande abbraccio,


  2. Are there many other new players around? I’d be interested in playing, but playing with only experienced players would be a bit frustrating – even if you are noob friendly 🙂

  3. Hi and welcome Ed.
    As I’ve told before I’m open to do a basic training day with whoever wanting to learn about usual configs and tips. That would make the learning process quite faster.

  4. We probably should write and put here some basic guide into tactics to make first learning easier for beginners. It should include basic stuff like “spread out your army”, “use line formation”, “bring radar”, “OND is easier for beginners”, “don’t bring air units unless specifically said otherwise” etc. etc. Unit guide is really good but isn’t the easiest starting material for someone who has never played the game before and has no idea what those units will do in battle.

    • Hi and welcome. After gameranger you need to install the Ground Control game. You can download it from here
      Hope to se you soon on field and feel free to ask any questions :0)


  5. Ok, I have ground control and GC:DC, but when I’m on the list thingy on game ranger, I don’t see anyone who is hosting a game for GC, and I can’t really host a game cuz’ I have Virgin Mobile EVDO as my internet and they don’t allow incoming connections sooo… Is their anything I need to be doing???

  6. Can’t comment on connection issue, as personally I know little about it, but Dark Conspiracy is not really needed, as it is practically never played. If you see other games hosted in gameranger you should also see any GC rooms if there are any. As written above, games usually take place mainly on friday and also on saturday evenings starting from around 22 GMT, although it can vary a bit to earlier-later, depending when enough people come online (last friday first game started like 1-2 hours later then usual).

  7. I’m in the USA and its like 6am PST here when its 6pm 22GMT there… I gotta go to school on friday and I sleep in on saturday… anyway you guys know any way to work around that???

  8. Hi luke. If you are from the east coast (NY) 22GMT would be 5 pm (GMT-5) and if you are from the west coast (LA) 22GMT would be 4pm (GMT-8)
    Anyway I did some months ago an app for the blog to show your GMT time. doesn’t allow flash files but you can check it out here:

    hope to see you on the field soon.

  9. Hi Guy’s just thought I would say hello, didn’t even know that GC was still going, I did wonder what happened to all the players when they shut-down the servers. 10pm on a Friday sounds late to me, but I may join in one evening just to see. Is Fear still a popular map?
    Hope to catch up with you guy’s soon. 🙂

    • hello !

      welcome back, well to be honest we now also have matches even during the week and sometimes in fridays we open matches during the afternoons, make an account in game ranger and add us to your friends list… ill keep a gc room online so you can see us… cheers

  10. Hello! This RI Subby! I need help installing…My game is crashing on beggining and anti virus delete it automatically after that ahha…And also cant create account in forum bah! Good to see u guys!!

  11. I think that balance mod stuff should be removed/relocated, its just extra confusion at the moment as mod isn’t being played currently. Also GC download link here seems broken.

  12. Hi, here is |>SKDSKD<| MasterDragon, old GC Vet, i also wanna play again GC, i hope u guys still know me ;), would be great if someone can contact me for a game…. just write me on 😉

    • My friend, we have people that play with us from Australia and New Zealand why can’t you play with us just because you are from Finland?

      In any case i still do not understand why you want a cd-key if you don’t need one to play Ground Control. in general we don’t have cd-key give away in here also because that would not be legal, if you want a key buy a copy of the game on amazon or ebay, or go buy the copy over at

    • maybe we can help you with that, i just tried the link of fileplanet and it works to me, we will see what we can do for you.

      And you are most welcome to join us at gameranger and have a match with us, cheers!

  13. Hello guys, I got original GIF pictures of all OND and Crayven units a few years ago from the official Ground Control site before it was erased. And I wanted to ask you if you are interested to place these pictures on this site. Don’t hasitate to write me back. 🙂

  14. Hi guys. I know about you for a while now, but I didn’t decide to join you until now. I have played GC for about 6-7 years now, with a few months pause, but I’m not really that good. I have some experience in MP from playing with my brother, but thats it so far. I would really like to play with you sometimes 🙂

    • Hello and welcome,

      if i may give you a suggestion, you don’t have to worry about that at some point we were all “newbies”, we have new people coming and in few weeks they get better and better, we try to fit in the newcomers as best as we can and there is no reason for it not happen with you.

      Cheers and hope to see you some day, we usually play on fridays and saturdays arround 22:00 GMT time

  15. como instalo el ground control me pide una key y no se puede instalar ayuda porfavor me encanta este juego

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