dance, baby, dance!

Hi there.

I’ve uploaded the GC music and the GC modding tools that were once hosted by massive. You can find them on the left menu and join the modding fever. I’ve also uploaded a copy of the original GC Data2.sdf for anyone needing to roll back from any Stat mod version. Descriptions for the tools would be very appreciated.

Before anything just remember anyone who hasn’t installed the mod yet that it is mandatory to have the lastest version to play this weekend as we are in the middle of the testing proccess and anyone without it will crash from any game.
– Here is the download link
– The changelist and the discussion thread

Now, the report.


gc686_2x1The night started with those kind of games where one of the teams keeps losing every player one after one so there are no useful screen of that games. Here we mixed up teams a bit and Sarvik gave us a masterclass of how to be hated by your opponent.

gc688_2x1Sarvik keept playing obnoxiously well though this time things were more equal and they had the score for some time but we managed to coordinate quite well the remainings of our forces and get the victory.

gc691_2x1Amazing work by Ghat an Stat. Ashaming piece of performance by me.


gc694_2x1Nice couple of games to welcome back Tragamillas. I was expecting to be shread to pieces quite fast in this one but we somehow managed to build a nice fort on the southern hills. I couldn’t help but remembering Helm’s Deep when defending that south slopped entrance.

gc698_2x1They got angry as it seems and they showed it in this one with a beautiful effective alternating side assaults. We couldn’t cope. We did in fact made it to their base but their defence was too good for us to perform any miraculous come back.

gc701_2x1Ajan is missing in the other team’s line-up and Darix is the one to blame. He managed to perform an amazing rush over the enemy DZ and sweep out almost all Ajan’s army alongside a good part of the others. After that we just had to keep retreating while taking as many units down as we could.

gc703_2x1They had the score for a long time but instead of pushing they decided to dig in the northern passage letting us just shower them in arty fire. By the time they decided to come back to the game it was too late.

gc705_2x1Ajan is again missing in the other team line-up. It was close as close were the landings and fierce the combat. So close that we had to heroically run away all over the map and we ended up winning by just a single point. That close it was.

That’s all for today, ladies. See you on the ground!


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