Hi there guys.

I’ve been working on a map section for the blog under the “new players” one. There are at the moment the seven DM that come with the game. I’ll slowly update it with some others like Heavy Metal, AS1 and those Ghat and BD would put in that list they promised to do.

All corrections, additions, suggestions, and/or ideas are probably welcomed.

Next on the TODO list: Tips & trics section.

See you this night on the ground!


4 responses to “Maps

  1. Awesome! Great work!

    Although, to nitpick a little, at DM1 “Artillery is not usually a good choice here …” is a bit understatement in my opinion, I would had put something like “practically never” there 😛

    • The good thing is that GC CAN’T be predictable, its not like maths (a precise science), for example we would never think to usually use a Drone in desert, but i remember some 4v4 matches back in the old days that arty was used …

  2. I was tempted to put “do not bring arty to DM1” and then remembered me blaming myself for not having one against Mhawk… but well, yes. Facing one in desert usually feels like a happy gift :0P

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