DM3, Warmonger

– Dropzones
– Mines
– Radar spot
 – Arty hold

Size: 4700m
Drop Zones:
Amount: 4
Order: random

Squads:8 to choose from

2 infantry
5 assault
3 support
3 air

Uncomfortable, unpredictable terrain. Probably a bit better for Cray than OND

Action tends to be focused on the very centre of the map. a very unpleasant place to move.

Roundabouts and back doors are few and limited in most cases to infantry, Drones and scouts.

Arty is recomended and so are jaegers.

Mining is quite common and mostly used to close back doors and slow down enemy’s attacks. Most of the packs blow because arty fire.

Radars are invaluable here.

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