DM5, The Tower

– Dropzones
– Mines
– Radar spot
 – Arty hold

Size: 3300m
Drop Zones:
Amount: 8
Order: random

Squads:8 to choose from

2 infantry
5 assault
3 support
3 air

Mixed map with both open and steep mountains so good to play with whichever faction, though it’s maybe a bit easier for Cray.

It also could be called “castles”. You can say there’s three fortifications and the actual tower

Mining is commonly limited to the central passages and dense.

Cray players commonly make a stand in one of the formations and OND try to bring them to the open field.

Tactics here are several. Artillery is handy, also drones and jaegers. Rockets are great for defending that forts.

bring a radar and defend it. It’s a nasty map to be blind.

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