DM6, Wartornwastes

– Dropzones
– Radar spot

Size: 3400m
Drop Zones:
Amount: 8
Order: random


8 to choose from

2 infantry
5 assault
3 support
3 air

Aka The red map.

It feels like an hybrid between DM1 and DM3. You can think of it as a flat, open map at first sight. It is indeed open but it’s everything except flat.

Good for both factions. Rockets can do an amazing job here.

Artillery is not recommended in most cases.

Mines are just everywhere.

Radars are useful but here scouts and jags can be used instead (in fact most times radars don’t last too much here)

Radars can also be anywhere in the map though there’s a tendency to set them on the top of that circular-shaped elevations for evident defending reasons but I insist; they can be anywhere.

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