almost a 2vs2 championship

We have been having some nice rows of 2vs2 during last weeks but as I’m still a lazy bastard I’ll make a mix of them in just one post. ^,..,^

gc011_2x1You can always count on snizzle to dig in a nice base and stay put while he outstretches his scouts and Sarvik to give a good fight even if that means delivering a wild suicidal attack while his team mate is still trying to pick a nice spot for the kitchen. So we focused on giving Sarvik big warm bear hugs waiting for snizzle to start feeling jealous and come for his own love ration.

gc013_2x1But as it seemed Sarvik wanted even more cuddles and closeness and went straight for it just after landing. The amounts of passion those rockets rained over their APCs left one of them dead from exhaustion and the other one barely alive. They tried to give us some of that love back but we were in a giving mood and kept sending flanking kisses and tons of arty firecrackers. They died of pure ecstasy.

gc016_2x1Close landings are the best for heavy action. Specially when one of the teams (us) land in a corner with no time to make it through and run away. They squeezed us like a juicy lemon and then dance on our remains as a pair of drunk teenagerson prom night (or equivalent).

gc018_2x1So drunk got Sarv on that game that he decided to make his own mad max shortfilm and send his army in a nice pack to catch fire from snizzle rockets. It was for sure an ugly show to watch. Then… well. Lots of brave running away in circles. Brave suicidal desperate flanks and a slow dead trail all over the map.

gc021_2x1A mess. But for a while an enjoyable mess that one squad of party poopers jags ruined when they took out my arty and APC. Damn envious bastards did at least have the dignity to die on the spot after ruining our chances. Then we gave the favor back and started a procession to go and die at their door step.

gc023_2x1Then after a horrible, really horrible game in a even more horrible map I got no screen of, came this mars outpost with lots of action but strangely almost none in the central crater. Snizzle gave us some points with his sneaky scouts at the north east highlands and we managed to more or less win the clashes at the other side of the map. The last assault was extremely tense with a bunch of scattered units with almost no specials left and very nervous APCs trying to stab each others back.

See you on the ground.


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