the show must go on

With everybody sending their holidays pictures from horrible beaches and stressful sunny days, we managed to have some nice games last Weekend.


gc089_2x1It had been a long, long time since I dropped on DZ1 at Fear. I definitely prefer it to DZ4. We got ahead on the score reasonably soon thanks to some lucky arty shots. That made them get out their holes to hunt and, eventually, get us pressed against the wall. Close but not enough. gc092_2x1I guess at this point everybody can picture several games where can almost feel the slope your team is falling down. That first moonburst failed followed by a shield triggered at the wrong moment, a whole squad disappearing, and another, and another… until you realise the numbers won’t add up no matter what and you really are fucked big time.

gc093_2x1AKA: “The YOLO charge”
I have no idea what got into snizzle but when after a very hard first clash we managed to survive and repel them out our base leading on the score he decided life on that hill was not worth living and charged with everything. I was quite empty and damaged and didn’t manage to heal in time to at least help him. It was like watching a big whale having a small herring by accident while yawning. Horrible for the herring. Most amusing to watch.

gc101_2x1It was Sarvik this time who had the honor of having the worst messy disastrous and chaotic luck this time. Trapped in a pathfinding jam he had to watch how his units explode while drawing drunk circles around each other. Again. Really amusing to watch with a big popcorn bowl.

See you on the ground, my dubious mischief doers.



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