anniversaries and mods

Yep. It’s been six years already since we landed back again on Krig7B after the servers’ shutdown. We had exciting nights kicking the hell out of each others. A lot of action, nonsensical chat, laughs, hot arguments and many new maps and mods releases. In the process we literally lost two great guys: Crinckle and Carter. I do miss them. Others moved on cause, basically, life happens… Anyway. Here we are. At this point I just want to thank you all for all those great hours I spent with you. I really mean it.

And now: Something completely different: NEW MOD!
Snizzle has been working on a new, he insists it will also be the last, version of our beloved/hated/enjoyed/despised mod. Thank him or blame him. Though I suggest to first blame him, then kick his ass on several GC maps and then thank him if there’s anything left by then.

In his own words: “the focus of this mod is to help correct pathfinding issues and a couple of tweeks in DC” Soooo. mod it up, folks.

And now, The report itself.


gc049_2x1 We had a great row of 3vs2 with even DS. 6 for each team. It’s been a long time since we set foot on frogger and it felt great. We landed at mid east. Meaning too far from to hill to fight for it so we let them have it while we draw a nice trenched set up. Some mines gave us the lead an put on them the burden of the initiative. By then they had comfortably set up on the top of the central hill which is great to defend but it made their attacks to come in a thin stream easy to repel.

gc053_2x1We shuffle teams a bit and this time they wanted the action to start as soon as possible Though Compuguy choice of bringing 4 drones probably didn’t help too much. The fight was intense and focused on the very centre of the map. By the end we just had two APCs, a couple of beams, an arty, tree meds and not a single special or shield to face snizzle fresh landed DS. We were sooooo lucky.

gc055_2x1We shuffled the teams again for one of those Ghat-esque horrible maps. Luckily for me we landed south west. The only flatish part of that nightmare of hills. They easily took the central highlands and Snizzle took it as his personal quest to get them back. He did a lot of damage but they not only pushed him back. They burned his whole army and got a slight advantage on the score. On the other hand they decided to sit still under our radar range. Once back on the score they had to push through a fresh minefield to get to the plain were I had my army. It was a nice pursue to the very last second.

Aaaand. That’s all for today, miladies. More on the ground in few hours!


5 responses to “anniversaries and mods

  1. Hey guy’s its great to see you all still having fun, I am really sorry to hear about Carter and Crinckle.
    Life has been hectic and work even more so. I really need to get back into GC just because!! If I do manage to join a game, take it easy, I was never very good to start with, and the ring rust is going to show..

  2. Hey nOx, I need to download all the map pack’s again and configure my PC to run GR and Ventrilo. I upgraded to W10 a while ago and never installed any of it.
    Life’s a bitch and full of ups and downs, its great to see some new blood in the community, I will pop in one evening soon, just to play a game or two if I can.
    BTW are you guy’s now playing the phoenix faction? they were always over-powered and at times slow, those guy’s were rushed by High Voltage IMHO, I have been playing that Homeworld spin off on STEAM, Deserts of Kharak. That reminds me so much of what GC should have been if it was developed further.
    Anyway I’ll try and join you guy’s soon, just to say hello if anything else.
    BTW what happened to Crinkle?

    • It’s somehow ironic you having to download the map packs considering you made most of them :0)
      Phoenix are… weird and after the last mod patch not that slow and over-ams-ed. I still haven’t got a grasp of how to play against them.
      About Crinkle… We don’t know for sure. He stopped all internet activity all of sudden so I’m afraid the most probable answer is that he died :0/

      • I have upgraded my PC a few times and lost most of the maps when it happened. I wasn’t worried because I knew there were copies on the website. I have uploaded them on to cloud storage since. Its a shame about Crinkle, he seemed a nice chap.I sometimes forget that most of us are as young as we used to be 😊 I was testing Gameranger on my PC the other day, seems to work Ok, I will try and get a game or two this Friday if I can, hope to speak to you then.

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