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I’ve just realized that despite having announced it on the GCvets facebook page, apart from a few screenshots and a whole new section for it, I haven’t actually announced the release of Snizzle’s Aftermath Campaign here in the blog so, I’ll just use a wonderful video by Timpedia featuring the first mission and say IT’S ALIVE!

Go to the The aftermath campaign to know more and download it!
Also. I’m pretty sure Snizzle would love to have some feedback so don’t forget to leave some comments, praises and menaces about it.

Apart from this. It seems Snizzle had not only time to develop that whole sequel, edit the balance mod and make the current map packs compatible with it but also to make a new brand map pack with a bunch of new places for us to kill each other.
Download it here and place it under  GC\data\maps\
The list of maps in it is as follows:

  • AS_ArcticPush
  • AS_LunarAssault (Dark Conspiracy)
  • DM_Abyss
  • DM_Canyon
  • DM_Crim12
  • DM_Core
  • DM_Beyond
  • DM_Delphi
  • DM_DesertStorm
  • DM_JumpStation
  • DM_Quarry
  • DM_RiverRaid
  • DM_SaperianDesert
  • DM_SubZero
  • DM_Zephron
  • sz5c_craterbase3
  • SZ_Trinity (Dark Conspiracy)

There are some neat maps, crazy tight mazes and water!!!

DM_desert stormDM_river_raid

That’s all for today, folks. I hope I get more time to play more games and do proper reports again.
Anyway. See you on the ground :O)


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