So many news, such a lazy reporter

It’s a long post so, brace yourselves. (or just go over the whole thing checking the images as any normal person would do)

Many things have happened during the last weeks. I’ll start with the most important and I’ll let the briefly commented report to the end.

First. It seems Spam got control over the forums but thanks to the mighty powers of master CM it’s now free, comfy and ready to receive your long and elaborated contributions to keep the heat over the surface of our distant and beloved planet.

Second. Snizzle has also been posting some juicy  images about the soon to be released new campaign The Aftermath. It looks delicious

After a long absence Ghat cam back for Easter to host and kill everyone for a whole weekend of madness. But that wasn’t the craziest thing. After merely 15 years, Maxi, the great crazy attacker, came back, rusty as hell but getting back in shape quite fast, to join us for some nostalgic games. That and Ninja swearing to come around for some action, made me remember matches and chats of a younger nox, so, I could say you made me feel younger and for that I just have to love you all though… that means I’m 15 years older which remembers me I’m a grumpy old bastard and for that I hate you even more so, in the middle of this mixed mess, I guess the only right solution will be to kill you all on the field one by one… eventually.

And now, the report. Forgive me if I don’t write too much about the games. They are too many and I’m still lazy.


 Here we have our new french enthusiast. A. Bourrin. A nice not that bad as player guy. They got the high ground and as if they were some overacting jedis, they severed all our limbs and burned down our units and hopes.

They tried the same tactic here but now it didn’t work that well.

Close landings, slow retreat, and a final run for your lives.

 First they trapped us in our DZ, then they made juice out of us. We had no chance.

A classic front line pushing in the middle bottle neck, with some unsuccessful flanks by Snizzle.

I would had swear we had lost this one. And, honestly. I have no idea how we managed to win. I just can’t understand it.


It was painful. They went over us as if we weren’t there.

I got too confident about sending my APC to set a defensive radar at the back. Then Sarvik paid us a fireworked visit to start our nightmare.

We should have won this. All the time it seemed as if we had them against the ropes but the score didn’t match my impressions not for a single moment.

I was convinced we would have to bomb them out of their rabbit hole but it seems Snizzle is improving his attacking skills. They almost got us out of guard.

Weird among the weirdest. For I have no idea what reason they seemed scared to death and too frighten to attack us. they just sat there waiting for our shells.


A complete mess from our side. Marcos got me on the wrong foot and the whole thing went down as a failing North corean rocket.

Friday again:

It was closer to the end but they got the upper hand the whole time.

As I said. Maxi is rusty but recovering fast.


Let’s just not talk about this one. Ok? ¬.¬

That half middle fingered fist was a frustrated Darix missing all the specs one after the other.

Friday over again:

Didn’t I say he was improving fast? :0)

For once we had to chase Marcos to the end instead of watching him leave. It was a refreshing experience.

An intense game played almost all under the north wall shadow. Pity Darix was still having such a bad luck with specs.

That was a nice one with a bit of everything: Initial rush, fight in the open, treacherous flanks, hill digging and a final fort defence with shpooky doing the peeping tom.

Aaaand. Yes. That’s all for today.

See you on the ground!


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