20 Years of Ground Control 1

May 31st of the year 2000. The release date for Ground Control 1. Probably one of the most epic RTS games ever released that brought moments of fun and joy to many different people around the world.

Last week, we did celebrate the 20 years mark for GC1, with a very interesting Q&A session with Martin Walfisz, one of the lead designers and founder of Massive Entertainment – the gaming studio that developed this game.

After the session, we had the chance to play a few matches and, with a sense of nostalgia, relive some great moments of GC online. 20 years after, it is fair to say that this game is still capable of bringing many different nationalities together with the sole purpose of dominating Krig-7B! (“Krig-7B” – The planet where GC1 takes place. “Krig” stands for war in Swedish while 7B was one of the classes that Martin attended on 7th grade. An interesting detail explained during the Q&A session that I believe was never revealed until now).

I would like to end this post by giving a special thanks to Van (for arranging the session – a lot of interesting questions and information revealed!), Snizzle (for keeping this community alive) and to everybody else that sticks around after so many years.

Here is the session with Martin:


And the matches that followed:


Cheers and see you soon!

PS: n0x, we are still waiting for the lazy reporter!

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