20th Anniversary Call to Arms!


Attention all Crayven forces in the Krig system!
Look to me Order members around Krig!

The time has come to fight side by side again.  After a long hiatus for most of us, we will all once again unite to shed blood over the land of Krig-7b.  To commemorate the 20th anniversary of our beloved Ground Control, we will be firing up the GameRanger engine once again and reaping havoc!  It will be at the usual time of 22:00 GMT on Saturday the 30th of May.
The event will be streamed by Van and Martin Walfisz (Lead Producer) will join the stream for an hour for some Q&A. So best behavior children!

We will be running a setup night on Friday the 29th @ 22:00 GMT.  This will be to set up and test the game, GameRanger and maybe a couple warm up sessions.

Ready your armor old friends,


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