DM7, Fear

– Dropzones
– Mines
– Radar spot
 – Arty hold

Size: 2400m
Drop Zones:
Amount: 6
Order: fixed

Squads:8 to choose from

2 infantry
5 assault
3 support
3 air

A hilly positional map with 6 clearly diferenced drop zones with at least 2 entrances each.In most cases teams are 1 against 4 Being Dz4 more suitable for camping and DZ1 for open move.

Squad combination posibilities are broad and tactics quite complex.

Artillery is almost always present to the point of finding yourself in the middle of a heavy dense proyectile rain.

Due to the big amount of arty fire, mines ar not usually used here but they can be a nasty surprise if they are correctly placed.

Radars are specially important here. If you can’t see then you’ll find out why it’s called fear. Depending on the number and type of players sometimes 2 radars are of good use.

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