DM1, The Desert

– Dropzones
– Mines
– Radar spot

Size: 3200m
Drop Zones:

Amount: 8
Order: random


8 to choose from

2 infantry
5 assault
2 support

A fast map more suitable for OND than Cray. In most cases no more than 1 player by team should take Crays as there are very few riffs to hide behind.

Artillery is almost never a good choice here as it’s too slow moving and firing. If you are not a  vet you should not bring one here.

Mines are often when not always used in this map. The red squares show the places more likely to have mines laid. (I remember an article written by janny about this issue but can’t find it. If anyone has access to it I would really appreciate to read it again)

Radars are essential in every map. Most common places are marked with a white “x”

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