For anyone still unaware of it, Carter died last October 15th. The old grumpy bastard, the guy who, along Maxi, taught me a great deal about how to play GC online, believed a big amount of bullshit about the afterlife that unluckily for him is not real so even though he was a good person he is now standing alongside Monty Python’s Norwegian blue parrot.
There’s this song by Eels, Apple trees. I once told Carter it reminded me of him. It still does. It has something of his personality in it. So, as you’ll probably understand, today there won’t be any report. I’ll just leave you the song.

I’ll miss him.


7 responses to “carter

  1. Sad news, Carter was a reliable veteran player and strong Ground Control enthusiast. His numerous videos are probably the best recorded GC gameplay out there, and on Krig-7B his arty was always a force to be reckoned with.

  2. Really sad to hear he has gone, he had some strange ideas about certain things, and we had a few heated emails, but it was all in good fun..
    He was certainly passionate about GC, and for that I will always remember him..

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