what have you done?!?

That was, apparently, the half scream of despair that has been used all along this week to make fun of me. Soooo…


I had a lovely version of my personal GC bug on friday so I was just getting the empty terrain screen. No info, no units, nothing. Nice, isn’t it? It’ll be obviously no report from that day, though.


gc045_2x1It was during this game when, after slaughtering a bold and fairly naive down the hill flank by Marcos and therefore having him ragequitting, I looked back at where our team was supposed to be and founding instead the remains of some badly wrecked and scattered units I had to shout this post’s title out of sheer puzzlement… We were hopelessly beyond on the score. What happened there? That’s something I probably won’t ever know.

gc046_2x1I had not much time to know what Ghat did on the southern hill after I set the ams there. There was a crazy dancing party down there and as it seems every psycho on the neighbourhood wanted a piece of me. Well, to be fair, Sarv and Compu did. Snizzle was quite busy setting up a badass-no-way-to-assault base on the north central hill. As if we had time, units and cookies to be paying social visits.

gc048_2x1It was going well. The centre got occupied by them but we were holding fine their boundaries. Then Compu got as his personal duty to conquer the east while Snizzle was hypnotised by a tasty line of apparently easy rockets begging to be taken away. Well. It turned out Ghat had dibs on the east and Sarvik was guarding those poisoned sweets. BTW… 72… seventy fucking two kills… All I have to say is “bloody yellow bastard”.

gc054_2x1Snizzle was the one here suffering from the ragequitting deadly disease. Damn. It’s always the young ones dying first. They tried a very long and fairly predictable flank. So predictable that both Sarv and I considered it wouldn’t be polite not to lay some refreshing mines along the path to make their journey a bit less dull. The party was so hard it was heard on the other side of the map. You are welcomed ^,..,^

That’s all for today, naughty folks. See you on the ground!


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