rustiness, despair and saving bells

I’m quite rusty when it comes to GC reports soooo, bare with me.


gc017_2x1Setting up this game was a very long job and in the middle of the mess I have no idea who had the idea to make it OND vs Cray… but on we went. They took the centre of the map and when a Cray takes something you better go around grumping about their greediness and their bloody ams and their sneaky annoying stealth… well. That’s me at least. Anyway. Around we went from east to west. From south to north slowly filing their units and trying to deplete their ams stock. We had quite ongoing tie for a while but, in the end, it worked.

gc020_2x1Things didn’t go that well this time. It was us who got worn down and, to be honest, quite fast. They got to our’s position core in a simple fast stroke and swept out radars and arties. From then on we just tried to survive as long as possible but all hope was lost. As you can see, Marcos couldn’t bear the sadness and left us as soon and things were clearly going south.

gc021_2x1There was then a very intense and fun game at Sacrafice. It was down to 10 seconds but my GC decided to give me the mission screen instead the actual one soooo let’s carry on. As it usually happens on Sorrow Arty decided the game. We got som early kills that made them had to push back and it’s not a good stage for such epic comebacks. They tried but we were firmly dug in and every attempt fell way too short.

gc023_2x1Carter was undoubtedly rusty… and we had tons of luck. We got not only their defender and radar at DZ3 but some juicy arty points and a broader vision range playing on our favour letting us react fast to their attacks. It was a slaughter.


gc028_2x1It’s is again Marcos the one who couldn’t bear the despair and ragequitted. It was closer than it seems. Carter decided to flank north but in this map that takes a lot of time and they didn’t seem to want to wait so quite soon Snizzle and I found ourselves trying to first stop their assault to the hill and then fight our way out there without losing too many points. We did manage to get out there but really worn out. Meanwhile Carter did get to their rear but found all their three armies together fighting back fiercely and had to run away and wait for us to get there… It took ages. The score was really close and they almost turned it over but Ghat’s annoying drone wasn’t enough.

gc029_2x1Psycho map (aka: ruins) The fear was patent. No one wanted to get stuck under rocket fire so the first half of the game was just a series of aborted attacks. Then things got hairy and they got out of the mess far worse than us. They had no option than a frontal attack and the pyramids, for a change, didn’t favour Ghat.

gc032_2x1That was intense. One of those games where you start fighting in one side of the map and end cornered in the opposite end. small hill after small hill we hided behind fought back their attacks and then retreated to the next bit of coverage we could find. When the bell rang we where literally against the western wall with nowhere else to run to.

gc036_2x1And to end the night, Snizzle taught us he was a big boy and could manage with not much trouble 2vs1 with equal DS per team. That means, of course, I have to kill him for real and I will… someday.

Aaaaanyway. That’s all for today, folks. See you on the ground in few moments.


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