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So… First. My GC does not capture screens anymore, well, it does, sometimes, without any logical pattern, then it does not again and captures the mission screen instead… Anyone has any idea how to fix that? (yes, I’ve reinstalled it several times) Therefore this is the only screen I’m able to offer you and being an assault 2vs1 there’s not much to say about it. It works like most RTS. You drop/make/develop stuff and you send it against your enemy… Deep complex games, I know.


Second. Our personal electronic puppy with a cold has updated the mod so, update your cores here, my sweet psycho ladies.

You can also send him your curses, blames, weird suggestions, feedback and well deserved thank yous in this forum thread

And here, you have the changelog for this update:

//CHANGES\\ (From 1301)
GC Vanilla Changes

*- Crayven Heavy Terradyne turret turn speed increased from 0.5 to 0.75
*- Removed afterburner
*- Increased OND AntiAir viewrange from 400 to 500
*- Increased OND AntiAir weapon range from 400M to 500M, damage from 220 to 300 and projectile speed from 400 to 600
*- Added energy shield to OND AntiAir
*- Removed advanced telemetry from Crayven AntiAir
*- Edited the AMS on Crayven Aerodynes to have a 30 second effect time and 45 second recharge time (30 seconds on, 15 seconds off)
*- Added 400M vision to Outposts
*- Rearranged Crayven equipment slot locations in the config screen (put ADPP repair in the first slot instead of Advanced PP). (and before you ask, No. I can’t make AMS the first slot =(
*- Changed icon and animation for Advanced PP so it differs from image intensifier
*- re-added image intensifier to all Crayven air units and support units
Dark Conspiracy Changes Only

*- Decreased charged particle burst and atmospheric ionizer (Radardyne spec weapons) from 5 charges/3 charges to 2 charges
*- Reduced radardyne viewrange from 600M > 550M (as a reference, deployed radars are 680M)
*- Removed personal booster station from PX light
*- Re-added regenerate units (lights only) with a smaller effect radius
*- Reduced pyrodyne primary weapon damage from 200 to 190, reduced damage multiplier (Offensive: 1.5 > 1.0, Balanced 1.0 > 0.67, Speed: 0.75 – 0.5) (Using the rocket terradyne as a reference, the pyrodyne now dishes out about the same damage per second to a meds front armor, less damage per second to heavies and more damage per second to lighter targets and infantry)
*- Removed hyper rocket from multiplayer (overpowered scout weapon)
*- Reduced PX_Scout top speed from 34.5 to 33 (Cray scout is 32 and OND 37) and viewrange from 550 to 500 (same as other scouts)
*- Changed PX_snipers stealth mode to have less firepower and increased stealth multiplier to 2
*- Reduced range on offensive sniper weapon from 450M to 350M
*- Reduced damage multiplier on balanced PX_sniper weapon from 66 to 44
*- PX_Artillery reduced weapon blast radius from 75M to 60M (same as OND)
*- edited hyper plasma charges (PX_ basic infantry spec) to have the same range, damage and accuracy as 89mm antitank rocket and focused energy pulse.
*- Reduced damage multiplier on the OND power armor grU-9 RSA-AMS missles from 8 to 4, blast radius from 50 to 40 and range from 400 to 250 (another overpowered weapon)
*- reduced hot plasma burst damage from 2000 to 1000 (now takes 2 shots to kill a heavy)
*- Reduced anti-personal bombs from 4 charges to 3
*- Reverted Rocket acceleration and max speed back to 1.5
*- Removed Rocket from PX Aerodynes
*- Edited PX Aerodyne AMS to have 30 second recharge time (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off)
*- Edited AMH-Air repair to recharge continuosly for 5 seconds
*- Added AMH-Air repair to all 3 fighters (Tech level 7 in DC only)
*- Added 2nd special weapon for the Drone Carrier. M6 Cluster Drone: Fires a cluster of 6 drones, 1 Charge (Tech level 7 in DC only)
*- Rearranged Phoenix equipment slot locations in the config screen.
Fixed maps:

And now, for something completely different: A moonburst pie on a bike.



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