Friday (2 weeks ago):

gc001_2x1First game in months. I expected to be rusty. I was rustier with the view settings all messed up and clumsy… but I got Ghat to die doing do all the dirty work and just leaving me the sweeping duties and then my usual proud and brave runaway ^,..,^

Friday (last week):

gc002_2x1With the visual settings still messed up and without yellow daddy to look after me, my low performance started to show up. It began quite well for us. We managed to get ahead in the score and defend it without much effort and then they pushed. I was trying a flank too slow to get anywhere in time and when it finally reached their rear my aiming was that of a drunk trying to figure out how the fuck that door-key thing worked in the first place… they took no prisoners.

gc005_2x1And then, a 4v4 taht took ages to set up. It did worth it. They took the south hill and we kind of dug up on the flat eastern one. Everything was messy under the constant rain of arty shells. It was the first time I saw the mercenaries on the field but hadn’t a real chance to figure out how they actually were.
gc007_2x1But Darix insisted in trying them out and with him in the enemy team I now had a quite nice idea of how they are. I can’t still give any deep opinion about them but I’m starting to guess they have a couple of a bit overpowered units… but we’ll see. As for the game… A bit of lag and no coordination at all from our side. No one seemed to have a plan and we ended up scattered all around the map fighting small battles against an enemy that played solidly as a team.

gc009_2x1A new map got us a bit more luck. Having some active arties did help quite a lot in playing a positional game in a terrain where flanking or manoeuvring was far from possible and all depends on how you manage in a frontal clash.

Aaaaand… well. That’s all for today. I’ve just heard Ghat is doing his hosting duties so… se you on the ground!

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