modding spree!

Hey, everyone. How’s it going?

Seems that while I’ve been dealing with my inner farmer and developing my also inner nurse, people (specially E-Dawg_Snizzle as it seems) have been busy building new things, adding some other, getting mad about Phoenix and generating in the process a nice bunch of data and updates sooo here you have the links:

  • First of all, the new version of the Balance mod After putting it on your GC/data/ folder it should set your GC version to and allow you to play GC and GC-DC (if installed) online with the modified units.
  • Now, the Ninja mappacks modified to make them compatible with the new mod.


Aaand… That’s pretty much it. I think I’ve updated all the links all around the blog but if you find something misplaced, just say it. I’ll send the trolls to break your legs and then maybe deal with it.

See you guys (hopefully) soon, I have a lot of far too long delayed killing to do ò..ó


PS: I’ve forgotten to say you have to delete the previous map packs in order to have this working. Also, a tip for whatever version makers. Just name your versions with the same name and an increasing number otherwise we are going to end having files like : “maps_2014_07-beta-updated-repacked-issueless-ok_now_they_are_for_sure-ffs-at_last-bloody_funcking_definitive_version-I_hate_this_shit-and_you_all-fuck_it-I’ve_left_a_letter_for the_judge-_-bis.sdf”

5 responses to “modding spree!

  1. I changed the name because I thought it might avoid confusion that way. Oh well, I’ll keep that in mind if ever I need to edit anything in the map packs again.


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