forced stand by

Hi there, my beloved mad blood thirsty psycho GC players.

Here [_nOx_] reporting from Earth and when I say “earth” I mean dirty-muddy-bloody-fucking-cold-forsaken-end-of-nowhere earth.
As some of you would have noticed, both the battle reports and me have been absent for a while now and I’m deeply and sadly afraid they’ll be for some weeks more as I’m stranded and strained away from civilization for personal reasons.

Anyway. Enough of whereabouts. This game is a couple of weeks old but I could not keep from reporting about CM’s coming back to active fight


I was already exiled and the connection between this mud pit and the rest of the world id through satellite so more than lag I would say I had a delayed lag. That means I did almost nothing useful at all and were Ghat and Sarv who did the actual work. We landed north-west and they dropped just below us. I’m deeply ashamed to admit that my only contribution to our victory were some nicely put early mines that gave us the time and score needed to perform a massive migration all around the canyons to the south east corner were Ghat and Sarv delivered a passive aggressive defence against the stronghold they build on the southern hill. Meanwhile CM and Snizzle made that south rock inexpugnable CArter and Mind kept pushing in a pincer move but my mines at east slowed Carter raids and Mind got so worn out at west that his last desperate flank reached us to just die.

Aaaand… sadly that’s all I have to report today. See you as soon as I’m able to!!!
Keep heating the Krig 7B’s surface with your specials!


3 responses to “forced stand by

  1. Holy shit, are you still playing? Nice work with the blog and videos! I would like to join for a game again. Can you email me instructions?

    /Renegade Riff

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