clockworks and chaos

Ok that was a great weekend. Full rooms, tight scores, excitement, chaos…
I loved it!


gc616_2x1We knew we had to make them attack but for that you have to get ahead on the score and that was far from what actually happened. They got the score, the centre, the initiative and finally, after a loooong useless crap of an attempt to catch their rearguard by surprise, our heads. On hindsight I now know I should have brought that arty.

gc620_2x1I expected way more mines than there were but was right about the fast clash. Their only fault and probably the one that lost the game was to try to cover too much space with a long front line in a  not very manoeuvrable map. Being a 3vs4, the numbers did the rest.

gc627_2x1It was ours for a small while but our armies were for unknown reasons split and they kept pressing. We lost the radar… Then the position… Then the score. It was too late for a comeback and even if it wasn’t we had nothing to do miracles.


gc629_2x1Three seconds. Only three seconds more and the game would have fallen in their hands. That’s how close the whole match was. We made a stand controlling all north but west where they set up a base and from where they kept grabbing space with each blow until we finally had to evacuate and run for it exactly 3 seconds in time before their pincer crashed us down.

gc632_2x1After such an even and exciting game, the chaos. Carter on his own on North East trying to make a flank. Van digging in a hill so deep it seemed he wanted to find a Balrog on his own while shooting any friend or foe that tried to get close to it.  Aramyl confused trying to decide if he should stay or go and me being shred to pieces by Ghat while trying to keep him away from Moria… It was a complete disaster though, in a way, somehow funny.

gc634_2x1Another piece of dis-coordination. I have to admit we did way far better that I expected after the first minutes into the match. They closed the west passage so efficiently and tight that the only thing I could do there was to annoy now and then and block any charge attempt while the other three were trying to make their way through the east border. Close… but no cigar.

gc637_2x1Despite a couple of good hard blows as some templars wandering at our back and actually killing my APC it was smooth victory. It’s Ghat’s land, you know. They set up a too defensive base which gave us the control of the central passages and therefore made our troop’s traffic easier than theirs. That, some arty and the home factor gave us the match.

gc640_2x1Close. All the game close to grab the score. All the game almost taking the hill, all the match almost breaking through and still we didn’t take it or break through or win. It was a very good defence. Always out of our radars but always just in time to push us back.:

gc641_2x1As Mind said: “Probably the most exciting Fear XL I’ve ever played” I agree. Despite we kept losing space and radars at DZ4, Mind and Carter were pounding their heads from DZ6. After a long while and many sacrifices we took down their stronghold in DZ3. There was a short retreat and then a proper assault that pushed us out DZ6 and turned it into a mousetrap. It was really intense and a great match to end a great weekend.

See you on the ground!


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