Mini (video) report

Another not very active weekend for me though, to compensate I have some nice videos from 2 weeks ago that Silencer uploaded to his youtube channel

All of them are From Friday so there’s no overlap with the previous report. Thanks Silencer.

So… Friday:

gc596_2x1After some dancing around to get a working server we ended up playing an intense mars with a lot of running and dancing around. They applied a constant pressure from the start but not enough to break us fast enough. Once the base was lost we started to run up and down scattering their forces and taking down the lonelier units. It was a really intense chase.

gc597_2x1We started well. Winning the score, making their duty t attack, we defended quite solidly but to their credit they never gave up and attacked from both sides without letting us rest. At the end one of the pushes broke through and raided our base taking the score from us. The retaliate dead quite fast on a mine field and with it all our hopes.

Aaaand there are players waiting to blow up stuff right now so: See you on the ground!!


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