new guys on the block

Finding new guys on the Game Ranger GC room is fun. Not only because that means more games but also because they are… well, new. Lately we’ve had some new arrivals and with them I’ve realised they do funny weird stuff like jumping in and out of the room expecting that doing so will make the join game button available. Connect to Ventrilo and never say a word. The usual confusion installing the mod and maps. Then, once in game, they always surprise you. Either because they are so new and lost that they don’t move at all or do so in a chaotic mass or because they are not that new and suddenly after half a match you realize you probably underestimated their skills and now you have on the plate more than you can chew.
Anyway. Last Weekend I was feeling not that well and showed up on Saturday just to say hi. When I arrived I found myself with 3 new players. No need to say there was no argue. I had to play.


gc588_2x1To be honest I knew Silencer and Tueurs a bit from a couple of games. Both old vets coming back rusty and a bit clumsy. Silencer with an agressive style and Tueurs with good team skills. Snizzle on the other hand was completely new to GC multiplayer. It was the rustiness what gave us the game. They setted up fine. Placed good radars and prepared a good net around us. Problem came when they had to decide what to do. They spent too much time deciding and meanwhile I threw a couple of suicidal strikes to take down their radars and APCs. It worked.

gc591_2x1Carter and Darix came along to make things more interesting for the last proper game of the night. It was much closer than the final score shows. Both Darix and Silencer attacked without second thoughs from the very beginning son we found ourselves setting up a base in our very DZ while trying to stop their blows. They had us trapped in our corner, we had the score. The last charge was as desperate for them as the last defence for us. My head was killing me by then but I loved the match anyway.

That’s all for today, folks. See you on the ground.


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