full rooms, rock chewing and APC wars

It have been two lovely GC weekends with full rooms and amazingly exciting games. Pity you have a lazy reporter that serves you just half of the meal ^,..,^


gc554_2x1A little bit of adrenaline to start the night. It was messy, specially at the beginning, when we tried to conquer our own DZ ridge and I think didn’t really succeed. Marcos and Carter were eager to get their hands on us while Darix slowly started to push along them and Tueurs prepared a nice trap at our back to catch us on our retreat which almost worked out fine except for a couple of meds and a scout that ran away using the infantry as a deadly decoy.

gc556_2x1Tueurs is missing on the other team. Ghat likes death traps so sooner or later we had to come back to this one. Carter with the arty, Mind with the supporting stuff plus a suicidal APC, Marcos as a wildcard and me with an undesired drone and a def-gun to face three bloodthirsty psychos and a rusty, but not at all bad, old Atomic Rabbit… I was certain we were going to die. Luckily I’m often wrong.

gc559_2x1As a kind of tribute to the old +++ clan, Ghat set up MART’s classic Fear IV… and it went far worse for them than I would had even dreamed. This time the scores really shows quite accurately how the game went. They got crumpled and blocked on their side of the map and every attempt to break through went worse than the previous. I’m not really sure why this was. They just seemed to be on low batteries.


gc561_2x1Not a bad start for the night. A broad open fronted Katana with both teams clashing  along a vertical line crossing all the map. They finally managed to convert that line into a grasping circle we shortly escaped to then became their back pain raiding up and down trying to deal with small groups of units before they had time to reorganize and hunt us down.

gc564_2x1Tueurs missing again from the other team. Our fault I guess. We found first his APC and left no traces of it and then the rest of his army really badly placed and unprotected. But, even with that present things got quite hairy and close. So close that the game ended in an actual APC fight. We won it but there was nothing our APCs could do agains a couple of remaining heavies… A damn great match.

gc565_2x1I misjudged again the state of things and honestly though we were doomed not that long into the game. Despite they got the horrible north west DZ (Inter is missing on their side, btw) they managed to come back, settle down on the south of the central not-so-flat land and push us out to the border from where we had to keep pushing and flanking to slowly recover the score and the game. Another great match.

gc567_2x1Tough damage… Next time anyone says “tough damage” I’m going to send him to chew rocks… ¬.¬
It was awful. They played great, I have to admit. They surrounded us as a fishing net without any hurry and once ready, easily killed us. I hated every second of it.

That’s all for today. See you on the ground, folks.



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