Last battles of the year


Although new years and dates are almost pointless in the presence of space travel, Happy new year to everyone… except for the rage quitters and the extensive miners. Oh! And all those freakingly good players that kill you even before you knew they were there and the noob hosts and definetely not to GR connection issues. Anyway. For the rest, if any, happy bloody exploding new year.

Last weekend there were games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but I happened to be on a laptop afar from my operational base so there won’t be screens for that day. So…


gc489_2x1A nice warm up game. Nice for us. They had a very unlucky start and despite they throw themselves on us trying to compensate, things didn’t get much better and they had to retreat to the craters on the very south east corner where they tried a last unsuccessful stand.

gc491_2x1It was going to be a 3vs2 with Marcos on their side but he dropped off before he even got a chance to face us. From there a couple of nice radars and a extremely overperformance by Sarvik stopping Carter’s flank on the spot got us a comfortable win.

gc493_2x1“Why are they trying so hard on a 4vs3” Asked Shpooky while being shredded. Well. Because they should. We landed very close and quite soon we found ourselves locked on the north border of the map with no open escaping route we coiled east and west trying to face as few units at the time as possible while maintaining a bit of free space to move but mine screens and the constant pressure finally worn us out.

gc496_2x1Colours all mixed in the other team made me think I had blown up Marcos APC instead of Carter’s. Also made me think I was facing Sarvik when those were Marcos’ squads… Damn It got confused.

Killer opted for a straight plan. Go all true and still towards them and try to kill them. A simple plan not so simple to convert. They got onto him as an amoeba facing its meal and both Mind and me were too slow and uncoordinated to get something out of the mess.

gc498_2x1A map with a wall with too many passages to act as a proper wall. They focused their attack on one single point at the beginning while we were trying to set up a position behind that wall. Later, when we started fighting back and making them retreat they flooded the wall falling on our flank and sweeping out Sarvik’s army too fast for us to have any kind of hope for a victory. We tried desperately to retaliate but it was too late.


gc503_2x1It certainly felt much easier than it really was. Shpooky being a bit rusty still and probably too used to other games timing was too slow setting up and too predictable in his usual quirkiness while Carter tried to occupy the northern crater counting on a backup too far behind. It was in fact a two tempo game with one side having just one and a half army playing at a time.

gc505_2x1Marcos missing on the screen. They were a mix of a bit unlucky and a bit predictable. Marcos flanking to reach our rear and Shpooky digging up a base on the peaks. Carter just drew a nice focused attack from west while I slowly swept Marcos’ attacking units while I retreated to Carter’s position.

gc508_2x1Probably one of the weirdest set ups and most certainly the highest amount of mines I’ve ever seen on a GC match. They decided to bring an average of three scouts squads with mines filling the map with them but forgot to get ahead on the score so it was a slooooooow arty mine cleansing game while they tried to evacuate their weak armies as we got more and more terrain under control.

gc510_2x1Again Marcos fleeing the ship when it menaces sinking. They landed north east, 0n the flat lands, and we landed south east in the middle of that crumpled mess so being with an inexperienced player I decided to go all around and try to face them on equally flat open terrain. It certainly worked and Killer did do a nice job assaulting their base on the very centre of the map while I was giving fast raids along the north edge.

Aaaaand… I want more! See you on the ground in some minutes.


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