dry nights

Well… Friday was a complete failure with just three of us showing up which meant the obvious SZ7 to call it a night but Saturday was quite nice indeed. I love to see Darix, Inter and Fire back. I won’t be posting the SZ screenshot, so…

gc467_2x1We started quite well with a couple of good blows to the chin though then I started to play as if I had forgotten enemy unit could actually fire. Seriously. It was shameful. Sarvik managed to give some play all alone against those two but was a lost match.
gc468_2x1It was Minds turn to suffer by my side in the horrible lands Ghat picked up for us to endure. Damn his map preferences. They were very agressive from the beginning and were all the game ahead in the score. We were forced to swing from one side to the other of the map trying to find a weak spot. They had it all covered with a mix of jags, rockets, drone and radar. In that terrain a proper solid fortress.

gc470_2x1With Carter and Inter as fresh reinforcements we tried to be agressive in return by going through DZ3. A risky plan that didn’t go that bad if it wasn’t for a couple of misfortunes as Mind’s arties getting trapped in the south passage but, to be honest, Sarvik and Ghat’s coordination in the middle of the map just slowly worn us out.gc471_2x1 It was their turn to be hungry beasts and they were. We landed on the northern hills of the map and there we stayed trapped under constant pressure until they decided to finish us.

gc475_2x1As you could have well realised by now I hadn’t won a single game and this wonderful 4vs4 was perfect to break that horrible habit. We landed north east and they landed south west. They got the central hill but Darix and Inter not only blocked any further advance but kept anoying and punishing them so no strong settlement was possible. Carter and Fire first, Ghat later, tried to flank us from west but instead of making any progress they got themselves in a mess around a couple of hills where they tried to resist after the central hill was lost until the very end of the game. Not much luck on their side this time.
gc477_2x1Fire wanted strong emotions to end the night and Ghat kind of, sort of, almost offered himself to be along him in the small team. Despite the name of the map I don’t think they regretted anything as although we were better for almost all game they managed to defend very well and it was in fact a very close score and impossible to finish them before the end of the match.

See you on the ground you bad, bad people.


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