comebacks, long nights and a poll

With Fire showing up mute after a long, long time, the cybernetic Darix’s voice joining for a gameFriday and Elektro slowly becoming more talkative on Ventrilo it was a nice, nice GC weekend.

On other subject. We have been having a row of 1vs1 during last two weekends and while watching other player’s games I would like to get a poll out. Do you think we should ban mines and boosters from 1vs1 games as a basic rule? I do think the former kill the fun out of 1vs1 matches and the latter are too a cheap trick for that kind of game. Sooo… What do you think?

Now, the report.


gc440_2x1May Fire be a bit rusty but he is for sure not passive at all.

DZs were too close (bottom right us, bottom middle them) so it was a quite fast game. Mind and Elektro ran to the northern hill for safety but while I was mining to slow their direct attack I got myself trapped. Tried to reach them in time but in the process we got squeezed against the East border, first, then chased towards a minefield that finished us off.

gc441_2x1A couple of defenders for a vital piece in our strategy. The arty and a radar, just one of each so we could have more close combat squads. We did manage to set up the base. Even defend it for a short while but once the core of the fortress was gone, we were utterly lost. I tried then to break through what I thought was the weakest point. It ended up seeming a stupid mass suicide… Oh, well… fuck.

gc443_2x1Marcos is missing on the other team and, to be honest, we wouldn’t have won if he hadn’t ragequitted. It was a very positional game. Direct fight was very focused on the central pass and the was a lot of drone and arty manoeuvring trying to sweep the enemy support out. In the end we managed to get rid of Carter’s pair in the North and leak through Mind’s blockage in the centre. The rest was just a matter of cleaning the remains.

gc446_2x1Double ragequit, Sarvik and Marcos. SArvik to avoid giving them 10 APC points. Marcos for unknown reasons.

When Sarvik left we where lost. Behind on the score, decimated, blind, one man down, and against the walls of the corner opposite to their base. They didn’t press on and retreated to DZ2. Desperate we chased on while repairing. Got Marcos APC. He left. They got confused. Arty blew up, they got blind, chaos let us get and infantry behind their lines. We were 1 point up. Mind got my arty. I got his beams one med and… run!

It was great.

gc448_2x1Stat came in and after a failed 4vs3 attempt at Frogger we got a 3vs3. The coordination was very smooth. Basically Elektro holded tightly to the slopes of the central hill. I closed the left flank while pushing north and Sarvik helped us both when needed. A solid match.

gc450_2x1Darix got in just in time for the last game of the night. An intense Orion. The initial set up was kind of symmetrical. Darix and Carter disputed east while Sarvik and I tried to get each others eyes out on the west.

At one point after blinding me, Sarvik swung to east doubling the pressure on Carter’s base. I went there as fast as I could and got lucky enough to be in time to put my infantry on their APCs path. It didn’t actually finished there but it left things almost tied up.


gc451_2x1A new guy came to stick around for a couple of games. He was pretty new but enthusiastic. That means antiair rushing the enemy base just after landing. It was a nice warm up though.

gc454_2x1This was already a proper game. With Inter and Sarvik pushing aggressively and taking control of almost all the map around our base. The bottom left DZ. It took a couple of lucky suicide flanks to get ahead on the score and then try not to fold and slowly retreat to safer lands. It almost went all wrong when Sarvik got his drone behind us. Quite close indeed.

gc456_2x1DM2 is just not a map for a 3vs4. Specially if the big team gets the central DZ… Nothing else to report on the slaughter.

gc460_2x1After the previous nonsense Ghat felt a bit guilty so we tried evening the DZs so he and Mind just landed one. It was close again but affordable. It was a wide battle front to cover and they were pressing all along it but the hellish terrain Ghat loves so much helped us this time. The crudest part happened on the southern Pyramid which we ended up leaving behind before they had to push with everything to try a miracle. No miracles this time, sorry.

gc461_2x1Close landing again. And with them better positioned to cut us out from any of the central and south hills we decided to dig in the north ones and try to fight in the flat valley in between. It became a bloody and ugly valley. The score was tight and their pressure was slowly becoming too much for us to hold so we evacuated the hills with just a couple of points behind. A quick attack got us those points so it was time to run. We did for almost 8 minutes fighting our way out from our chasers. A couple more minutes and we would have been doomed.

gc462_2x1I didn’t get a clue of what was happening for most part of the game. It wasn’t a problem as Ghat and Carter were doing just fine without much help from my part. All I did was taking care of the north while they coordinated a solid hold of the centre of the map.

Aaaaand. That’s all for today. See you on the ground!


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