nights of everything, nights of nought

Last weekend I had to drive a long way to do stupid things with a camera so I was just able to attend Friday’s meeting. It was an intense long one though and we had a small peak to the next mod version with Stat. It has a lot of new stuff and probably some nice things for everyone. We had also Van coming back. Not Darix, though and, BTW, does anyone know anything about Fire or Ninja?


gc407_2x1Damn Sarvik has nights when he keeps squashing himself against the enemy as an egg against a wall and nights when he is just an unstoppable Galactus. This was one of the later. It took some time for both teams to meet but when we did we got outmanouvered and slaughtered. Once up on the score they just had to sit on it and wait for us to come into radar range while sorting minefields. It did hurt.

gc408_2x1I would bet they had done some pact with Krig 7B’s devil to be able to instantly teletransport troops from their DZ to the middle of the map considering that when we got there it was already infested with enemy troops.

We tried to push both frontally and by the eastern flank  but they swept us out as annoying flies.

gc410_2x1By now you can guess I wanted blood. Buckets of it. We landed on top of them on the western side and fell on them taking advantage of the proximity. Marcos tried to do his usual “you play together, I flank” but being on the small team actually made it an initial 2vs4 and later a 1vs4. I got my blood buckets.

gc412_2x1But they wanted revenge and I was too thirsty. Marcos tried the same tactic again though with a bit better timing. It’s a good tactic… if there’s no one expecting you. I was. So while I was dealing with him on a 1vs1 with a bit help from carter, The rest of the team could be concentrating in the fight for the middle in a 3vs2. I’n not going to say it was easy. It wasn’t. With those two it almost never is.

gc414_2x1The night was slowly ending and it was time for a 3vs2. Marcos is missing in the other team. He ragequitted. He shouldn’t. Haven’t he left we would have lost that one. Ghat got mines for a chance and we both tried to close/slow the east side with them so we could focus on the west and north fronts. They rained on us and we had to flew once and again relying on our radars to avoid problems. It was close in the end and as I said. Haven’t Marcos left we would probably have been hopeless.

gc416_2x1Though relatively new Van is a nice team player. He is quite good at team communications and has a nice team play. He exchanged a couple of scout squads for Ghats radar and although being a 2vs2 I think that would be a fair exchange that took their focus away from my units and my flanking son the aftermath resulted in us leading the score. They tried to flank but did so under our radar range and over my mines. We just had to slowly retreat while taking as many units down as possible. Specially Ghat’s rockets. It worked quite well.

And that, miladies, it’s all for today. More in few minutes on the ground!



4 responses to “nights of everything, nights of nought

  1. Nox sorry, but I had an appointment , I can not get stuck in GC.
    If you want 1v1 have much time to do that yet, just logged in GR
    You if think the best, you 15 years of playing I can still beat you.

      • when my dad stops being a dick witch wont be any time soon
        (hes the one who broke my computer) so im waiting to move then ill buy a comp so see you guys in like 1 year cause this year is my last year of school

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