maps, drought days and cray masterclasses

Ok, guys. It seems the problems we’ve been having with some of the Ninja maps were solved in a release several months ago and somehow, we missed it sooo. Delete the old versions of the Base assault and desert packs and download the new ones

Back to the review.


gc369_2x1To start a long night of losses we tried the green pyramids hell. We tried to set up, got rolled over, then split apart, then hunted down until my innocent scouts stepped onto some mischievous and treacherous minds… Shame on you! Bloody miners. (sarcasm sign here)

gc372_2x1Here Ghat gave us an amazing master class on how to use cray on a flat map. Rockets on speed + scouts with ams + jags forming a mobile fortress. In the first clash he ate Sarvik alive. Cray moaners, next time you feel like complaining about how unusable Cray are on flat maps ask him for a couple of classes instead.

gc376_2x1They were there, at sight, it looked so tempting to just go and blow them up. It seemed so easy… and yet everything turned out wrong. They were just too solid and we were too uncoordinated. Jags at our back without previous notice. Squads raiding our lines without anything to hold them back…  We didn’t manage to set ourselves on the map.

gc378_2x1Chaos one more time. We instinctively went for the middle which proved wrong quite early. They got there first and had the numbers. The fight started too fast to let us set up our positions and being just in the middle called for flanks and pincers… It felt like running into a big falling wave.

gc382_2x1Ok. This went wrong also quite fast. Probably should have let them set up and take positions in a corner… I don’t know. I was too slow with the defender gun. We were too greedy trying to set our base at the foot of the hill… They ate us for breakfast.


gc383_2x1Saturday had a bit less sour taste. They focused on break through the centre combining forces to do so. and it did work well enough for some time but one can stop two quite effectively in this kind of terrain so meanwhile Marcos was doing the defensive duties I messed up their rearguard. They had to change focus and then Marcos pushed from south catching them on the wrong foot. From there we just had to defend the score on a favourable terrain.

gc384_2x1They were supposed to teach Marcos a lesson and show him how hard is to be on the smaller team but, for some reason they were too slow. I guess they expected the map to be covered in mines and take their time to build an assault. They got the score and retreated. It was “just” a matter of make 8 points and run. We did it and tried to run. The bell rang just a split of a second before an APC and some running scouts were blown up. It was certainly close.

gc385_2x1The lesson came later… in a really weird way. They got the hills. Both of them. They also got the score and despite the numbers refused to come out. I spent the whole game running up and down trying to find a breach to break through and do something. No success though. They were solid as rock.

gc387_2x1This map could be called “Three ways dilemma” As there are three main paths connecting both DZs. This time, though, they focused on the west side pushing as one man to break through. It was like all players were pushing an invisible wall to move it as far from their bases as possible. We ended up winning but was pretty close the whole time.

gc388_2x1Long story short: I fucked it up. I fucked it up big time. Stepped on mines I knew were there. Lost the arty in a stupid way. Lost two flanking squads for absolutely nothing… It’s even worse considering Both Inter and Sarvik were doing a nice job in the middle. Damn I hope to forget this one as fast as possible.

Anyway. See you on the ground!


7 responses to “maps, drought days and cray masterclasses

  1. Cray is a broken faction. How do I know this? You don’t use the score of an outlier player as your baseline. You use the average score of the average player. If that score for both factions matches, then your factions are balanced. Otherwise, they don’t.

      • Well. One could say it has a different learning curve or that people insist in playing Cray as they were OND cause most of them like OND gameplay and Cray appearance but, hey! who am I to argue? Just say a big aaaaaamen with gregorian background music.

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