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With my face back to its normal size and a bunch on screens from some great matches, your (almost) weekly GC report is here:


gc343_2x1They did it right. They pressed from the very beginning leaving us no time to set up a position or flee right away. Landing side to side helped a bit, though. As you can see we couldn’t even manage to get the score. Those evil vortex have a lot to say on that.

gc344_2x1It was our time to get a revenge (Marcos is missing on their team). The DZs were a bit more favourable and they didn’t rush as fast as they should. The game ended as if it were some kind of tribute to BD’s game style with me running back and forth in a mass trying to avoid mines and enemies.gc350_2x1Mind went off , Ghat came to take his place so we ended up in the retorted treacherous annoying Ghat’s land which is DM3. Nobody wanted to be brave. Specially. Nobody wanted to be a dead brave so both teams settle down positions and waited… and waited… and waited until some turret gave us the score and made them bold by force. Despite having just one radar and no arty and despite Ghat’s drones seem to be blessed by GC gods to avoid mines by inches, we hold quite steadily their attacks… It was the end of a short night.


gc356_2x1This was on the contrary a long nice night. Stat came back after a long time. Vitor challenged Sarvik for the red colour and not only lost. He ragequitted. Perfect time for a Frogger. The score is not representative of what happened there. Stat athough rusty pressed constantly at south and overwhelmed me. Meanwhile Sarvik was having a bit more luck at north holding Marcos back and both Carter and Mind were having a busy time trying to support the respective team mates. Luckily Stat got too worn out taking me down and was too weak to break Carter’s positions to join his team remains at north.

gc357_2x1Excitingly close and balanced. Most of the game the score was dancing 2-3 point up and down for each team. They did a good coordinated pressing and once our only radar was down Sarvik’s jags became a nightmare. We had to attack. We coiled east and weast with no luck. We decided to go all around with my med as movile radar followed by Mind’s pessimistic ams-less rockets. It worked. Sometimes you just need someone to drag you to the beasts pit.

gc360_2x1“I admire your 3vs1 skills” I had to tell Sarvik. And indeed I do but such bravery usually comes with a high cost. He was almost done when I managed to position myself on the map. From there it was a no hope retreat to death.

gc363_2x1Here came a new guy from the USA. Old vet as it seems though terribly rusty too. Waxenhell. Carter was not very sure of the team balance but it turned out to be really fine tuned. They rushed, as they had to, but with three defending it’s more easy to stop an attack than with just two. The fight got locked in the central plains and although we had to run for it at the end we hold it, at least, well enough.

gc366_2x1It was revenge time. It was even harder than the previous one. We almost got no time to secure space enough to manoeuvre and we lost inch by inch as the time went by. They got us surrounded and pinned to the north wall. We just hold there tight with teeth and nails until the bell rang.

Aaaaand that all for today. See you later on the ground!!



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