desperate measures

As today I’m in a lovely state of high pitch stingy unending pain (yeah, nature rocks) The review will be mostly raw-ish. Pity Youtube blocked Van’s Saturday stream cause there were some very nice games.


gc312_2x1It was close. That last scout almost made it but almost was not enough,

gc313_2x1I was convinced the game was over after I completely screwed it up in the first five minutes but Carter had one of his “keep steadily going no matter what” mood so I just followed him as he turned the score around and save the game. Take a bow, man.


gc315_2x1The night was glorious but not because of my game play. I fucked it up again here arriving late to all helps I tried to give. Nice note: Darix has a fully functioning mother fucking loud microphone!

gc316_2x1We went for the revenge and we got it. It took some nice hard coordination and some serious running away but we stroke back.

gc319_2x1And again. Lovely noxy screwed it up in the beginning losing arty and beams in the most stupid way after some nice migration and settling down. It was a slow constant squeezing grip.

gc322_2x1“Next time I say something about not bringing an arty here just slap me from the distance” It’s somehow unsettling but totally expected how happily Sarvik took my words and promised right away. Long story short: We left DZ4 without arty covering, lost it and then left virtully trapped in DZ5-6 without a way to break through.

gc323_2x1When everything goes wrong and the enemy post stands no matter what you have to get into crazy mode. I’m proud of my APC charge in the end of this air-on game that took down theirs and gave us a open path to victory from a no hope situation. Again. Pity the stream was blocked.

gc325_2x1Lovely coordination again. They got no chance at all.

gc327_2x1And after the coordination, total chaos. At least Ghat’s APC didn’t survive to celebrate their revenge.

I’ll try to be online later but no promises. Have fun!


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