multimedia fireworks

This time I’ll be trying something slightly different. As Van has been streaming some GC nights and then uploading them to youtube (thanks mate) I’ll link the matches to the start of each one in the video. I could link them to the DS landings or keep part of the setting up chat… What do you think?



The DZ gave us the central hill from the beginning and not having to face the mentioned Ghat’s jags we took it quite easily. Then it was time to hold it. Carter decided to flank from south while his team mates gathered on the east hills to attack from there. They got a nice distraction in the form of Van’s army clung on the map border’s wall so Mind and me had time enough to beat two to one Carter’s units and actually kicking him out of the game which didn’t feel well but, hey, that was our duty. After Carter’s ragequit we could focus on trying to rescue Van from a certain death.


Marcos is missing from our team. As Sarvik later said, they were too chaotic. Tried to attack here and there but without any coordination it was relatively easy to stop and push them back. We, on the other hand did a nice job with helps and communication. A defender gun was, in the end, the final nail on their coffin.


It was going to be a 4vs3, then it became a 3vs3 and we ended it up being 2vs3. We landed close and things got hot fast. Van decided to stick to the wall and put his radar and snipers there though that reduced considerably it’s view range and allowed us to fall on them from the rear by surprise taking down all hopes for a comeback. It probably would have been much more effective to use the tactics Ghat mention during the squads setting up.


This was discouraging. It was going to be a tough probably impossible game to win but a fun one and so it would have been if the third player on our team actually played… Anyway. Long story short, they made OND juice squeezing us against the corner. I just hope it was tasty.


gc306_2x1 Carter, usually the arty guy, just picked the wrong map not to bring any and although Van has amazingly improved his gameplay, his jags are still not Ghat’s or Sarvik’s so an arty and a defender gun did the trick and spoil any attempt to break through. I felt a bit sorry for them. Styx is a Cray map and if you got stuck in one of those under enemy fire, you are fucked.


Time for revenge. And what a revenge it was. I was joking I wanted Mind in my team so we could cry to each other moaning “Oh they are killing us! They are killing us all” but in the end that was exactly what happened. We landed almost at eyesight and before we could even leg it they are already firing at us. It was intense for sure and hard and fun but boy it was a hopeless pain.

gc308_2x1Then it came the revenge of the revenge. (Yep I love that chained ones :0) They started solid and fierce. They took the southern central hill and kick us out from it but in the process they got tangled and messed up… and I brought an arty ^,..,^  By the time they managed to reorganize we had retreated to our hole (north east DZ) and were too strong for their remains to beat.

More in few hours on the ground!


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