Hoist the colours!

New Friday, new week, new report but sorry, no new grumpy comments. I’ll try to cook some for the next one. Let’s go with it.


gc276_2x1Rockets… and jags… and scouts… scouts with ams everywhere. WE didn’t manage to move that far away from our DZ and being already cornered had to deal with two fronts. From north and west squeezing us to the last drop.

gc277_2x1We knew Darix was a bit drunk. We knew he gets in that state double speed instead double vision but we weren’t able to stop the tipsy italian train from pass over us. A horrible radar management and very uncoordinated team play did help too.

gc281_2x1defending 3vs4 is far easier when the DZ are north-south instead of east-west. Lukily this time we dropped north and meanwhile Sarvik was holding the east flank all by himself, Van and me cut in pieces every advancing attempt at west. We did lost that west side at the very end and had to flee like brave chickens to save our necks.

gc284_2x1Horrible but at least fast. Sarv tried to hold them 3vs1 and did fine for a while but once he lost pace they smashed him and in the same push my slow ass units arriving to action waaaay too late. I would say in our defence it’s not map for a 2vs3 but it was unjustifiably bad


gc285_2x1It was a 2vs2 and a half (I had only 1DS) but nevertheless the playing options of having three players against two did count a lot. It was a matter of slowly shell them down while the other two covered any attempt to infiltrate our lines or take the arty down. It was slow but effective.

gc289_2x1Marcos was also in our team and to be fair this time I think he actually crashed. When he did so we were winning by so many points they didn’t manage to turn the score over and run over us. I’m sure why or how we managed to get such an advantage or how we managed to hold it so well. Also need a mention Compuguy coming back disguised as a bloodthirsty Stalin and, honouring him, sent to slaughter tons of infantry directly to the well perched enemy lines.

gc291_2x1Sarv likes to attack and many times it works for him. This wasn’t one of those. While Mind and Ghat were busy setting up a fortress around the xenofact he tried to flank alone by the very east. He got decimated. After he found himself with anly his APC left running to the safety of the base it was just a matter of pushing on until they yielded.

gc293_2x1Color switch time! It’s not everyday you see Ghat in dark green against me in bright yellow or Carter in red against a green Sarvik. I placed a painfully horrible radar that almost costed us the match but a lucky head in the score took them into attack and therefore into our poorly planted radar range. It was a funny constant effort to remember not to shoot your own team mate during a serious of faked attacks by both sides trying to drag the other team into their respective traps.

gc297_2x1Back again to usual coloured players Ghat decided to break it down and play a weird fast full offensive that took us by surprise, costed him all his units but an APC and killed Sarvik in less than 5 minutes. I wasn’t that much better and without the score I could just try to save our honour by draging them onto mines. It didn’t work.

More in few minutes on the ground!


6 responses to “Hoist the colours!

  1. could we make a massive army’s mod? were instead of 4 tanks in a squad their would be 8 and instead of 3 rockets/beams in a squad their would be 6? etc.

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