magic tricks and suicidal charges

Today I’ll just jump to the report and won’t bother you with my stories. (Yes. That’s an excuse for my laziness)


gc246_2x1It wasn’t the most active Friday to welcome back shpooky after a long absence but Darix had the lube ready we added some mines to the mix. I wanted to bring also a radar to the party but ended up with health packs instead. That led to a nice mess at he beginning of the game. We were happy to find shpooky’s annoyance rusty enough to compensate my mistakes. Darix didn’t sound so happy, though.

gc250_2x1We mixed up teams and played this dreadful map to make everybody happy but me (oh! poor, poor me ó.ò ) so I had to blow up stuff to compensate my disgrace. To be honest I just clung onto Darix units and did a Marcos (sweep up the wounded and remains after a clash) Pretty effective indeed.


gc252_2x1I present you all Lucas. A player we later found to dislike winning. No. I have no idea why. He just left. Sarvik is right. We shouldn’t have won this one. Not because the scouts value but the passiveness we showed. They mined the whole western plain in front of the ramps to the central hills and we came up with no better plan than to smash our units straight ahead against their defences. Well. I did flank a bit but was mainly the brute force what gave us the victory. A “meh” win.

gc253_2x1This is the match we discovered there are players who hate winning. Lucas was on our side. Marcos on theirs. They both left few seconds before the end. It started somehow balanced. We were gaining space and then I fucked it up big time losing APC, infantry and a beams squad in one blow. Grim expectations, eh? But hey! Don’t worry. Here is Sarvik the medal man magician to save the day and with a trick here and there turn the table and put us on top. We maybe should start making some doping test but that would be my end.

gc254_2x1Desperate. This game was a desperate attempt to regain control over the chaos from the very beginning. We lost the radar on 1 pretty soon but by then I had wasted mine on 2 and despite I would have get the hell out of there Van managed to hold it with no vision at all and, well, if someone on your team is serving bravery all over the place you can’t stand back and wait so there we went on the attack as if it were WWI and the only thing in the whole universe were the enemy trench. We did manage to break through but at a high cost. Darix was done and trying to coordinate Van an me to chase them down and when I say me I mean my APC which was the only thing left. I launched that APC with the last of Van’s demo pack in it to try and catch some enemy unit worth enough point to win by the bell but neither the bell or them did wait for us.

gc257_2x1And here’s the proof I’m not the real mining sadist on the surface of Krig 7B. If you don’t believe me, watch the proof here. The camera is a bit shaky and errand but the game is intense enough to worth a view. [youtube]

See you in few minutes on the ground!


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