pricks, trolls and deadliness levels

As you could deduce from the title I was going to talk about our lovely trolls and their stupid inexplicable deeds. But I’ve decided to ignore them and go straight the the deadliness levels. One of the good things about audio communications is they make easier to notice the mood of each player and the good thing about that is you can learn about how they perceive their own performances. Long story short. Everybody thinks they do either better than they are actually doing or worse depending on how tired/happy they are. So…


gc224_2x1Yep. That’s Darix coming back from holidays and still without a microphone. Damn you, Darix. It’s interesting the roll the central hill plays in this map. Either you dig in on to of it or you assault the fortress depending on the DZs locations but almost never stays unoccupied and unchallenged. This time both hill and luck were ours from the beginning. They tried but with a too wide front and too uncoordinated to be effective enough to overwhelm us.

gc228_2x1Night wasn’t specially short (except for Darix who ran away after just one game) but I have only this two usable screens. This was a 3vs2 (3 them, 2 us) but ragequit fever stroke again. We got the top right corner and decided to stay in the open to have the option of running the fuck away if things got too ugly. They surely did. For the first half of the game we were losing every battle. Well. Sarvik did which gave him the impression he was doing horrible when, in fact, he was holding back three players alone while I was busy mining and setting up. From there, slowly, we got back the score and had to fight our way out just to have a single scout with a black bar in a corner hiding and hoping enemy units didn’t find it in time. They didn’t.


gc236_2x1Not a very good map for a 2vs3 and worse if you don’t have APCs. Seriously, MART, what were you thinking when you made it No-APC by default? Despite that we didn’t do that bad. Our enthusiastic Van build himself a cosy base on a wall and survived several waves of angry attackers more than me. Not enough but at least he died kicking some asses.

gc243_2x1This was painful. from the very beginning it went more and more wrong. I did a horrible performance, didn’t coordinate with Carter and Van went to set a base before realizing nobody was going to pay a visit. By then, Carter and I were both half dead and they had occupied a huge space that behaved like an amoeba every time we tried to attack it. Horrible.

gc244_2x1After some weirdness and trollism, it was time for a 2vs3. Sarv, apparently, was feeling much better than the day before and is showed. At most I helped him. It’s not my preferred map, too many pathfinding problems but that is no excuse. I got engulfed by they rush and took me a lot of time to set up everything in place. I was sure we were going to suffer and fail but he managed to stop them and put us on top. Take a bow, man.

See you on the ground, guys, hopefully with less stupid problems today.


One response to “pricks, trolls and deadliness levels

  1. Nox you say lies , in DM-SnowBlind , my connection of internet lost , because I was get out? I had good score, and units.

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