Count your DS

With most players on holidays drinking and shaking their naughty bits afar from their computers, the nights are starting somehow late. I also missed Friday’s games cause some stupid allergy (FYI: poisoning means everybody gets sick eating the same, allergy means everybody is ok and you get round and swallow cause you ate a tiny bit of a fucking ninja pepper) anyway. Saturday was great and here’s the report.


gc209_2x1After Brazil let us down while trying to set up a 3vs2 we ended up playing a 2vs1 with equal DS. Those are stressful games but I have to admit they are something to remember. They attacked from the beginning quite successfully so I had to fight back and try to recover the lost points. It were the scouts and drone what did the trick and no. It wasn’t the mines.

gc210_2x1With half of Brazil back (to be fair Subby was on for a game or two before I connected so it was in fact a third) We went on with a kind of weird Sacrafice. There’s usually a front line from east to west along the ridge between DZs where the pushes and skirmishes happen though this time we went all in from the east flank and squished them against themselves. It worked though it wouldn’t work as a normal tactic.

gc215_2x1Three. There are three DSs in this map. Mind just took two. Luckily they didn’t know. We tried a fast rush following Inter (welcome back!) typical blood lust. It was bad. We got an APC but they got the score. Knowing we had less units we kept pushing with a lot of caution. Step by step we got the score back and we did it on Ghats units. Things were going well at last. They pressed and pushed. We ran out of specs, shields and got cornered. We decided to run just in time. We lost the last two APCs in the runaway but not the score and therefore, not the game.

gc217_2x1A bit messy. It was the first time I played this map from the east DZ. I tried to do the things I’ve found most annoying when landing on the other side as, for example, using a nasty sneaky drone. It didn’t actually kill anything except for a radar at the end but boy it surely bothered them at least as much as that bloody arty. Both survived.

See you on the ground on few minutes!


3 responses to “Count your DS

  1. I would have been on this weekend, but my gaming PC decided to die on me, I need to buy a new and bigger hard-drive for it, real annoying when your in the middle of something and it does that! Have to wait until I order another SSD and another 2TB HDD, might as well do it all in one go while I still have some money!
    I was working on a couple more maps for GC when the PC went south!
    I thought it was the graphics card at first, but it wasn’t that simple..
    Anyway hope to be back up and running again in a few day’s, only downside is I have to do the maps again…

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