the map maker

The same way Matrix had a key maker we have our own version of the character. Our beloved Ninja Prime. The map maker. As he had promised before he joined us on Saturday after a long, long absence. He sounded a bit tired, felt a bit rusty and was placed in the hardests teams so I wish he didn’t got too beaten up in his first night.
Apart from that. Considering the problems we have been having with screenshot-avoiders when facing defeat I think I’ve found some kind of solution. It’s obvious these players take final scores too seriously and can’t deal with that red tag when you are on the losing team so from now on I will erase the names  in the screenshots of anyone that explicitly ask for it (and leaving a match two seconds before it finishes just to avoid being on the screenshot is considered an explicit begging). Not only when they lose, of course, but in every screenshot they happen to appear. I hope this gives their poor tortured egos some rest and let them stay until the end of the match knowing there won’t be any proof of their good or bad performances. You are welcomed. So…


gc162_2x1I love this map. I hate that drop zone. You know which one. The north west. We did manage to get some distance in the score while trying and failing to get out of that pit but that was only because we were facing just Ghat and Sarv. Later on, when the blue army arrived from north we got buried in that hole.

gc164_2x1Here you have another player coming back. Compuguy. The very same character with a brand new deep voice. Kids are growing, guys. As for the game. It was fucking intense. We did some nice points at the beginning while making our path out of the dropzone trying to find somewhere nicer and further to settle down for a bit. Sarv and Carter as spearheads. Me mining the rearguard. From there the slow and constant push drove us to the north and trapped us in the top right corner watching an army of infantry coming steadily to us. I have no idea how Carter managed to sweep them out considering he should by then have ran out of specials as Sarv and I had. however it was, there you have a double seven kills that gave us the match.

gc169_2x1This one made me miss the AR. Not only because the map was made by Mart but also because they loved to play it again and again. This one was an example of how a last solid rush can save a horrible match. They lost every clash, every assault, every encounter but when in the decisive moment we fold. I got wiped out as a small fly in a single stroke. We lost the radars and defenders and they just slowly drove over us as if we weren’t actually there.


gc172_2x1As I said. Ninja got some very hard matches after so much idle time. What can I say. We tried to set up a base but the DZ were too close and we didn’t even managed to do that. At least we gave a good fight. That’s for sure.

gc175_2x1A lovely trench map. It’s big. Really big but you always end up fighting for the centre and exchanging specials on the slopes of one of those four big craters. We had nothing to do. In fact I would swear it was so obvious that Ghat and Sarv did play this one at half gas to let us do something and enjoy it.

gc176_2x1Mines. Mines everywhere. North, South, centre… everywhere! and beams. Beams too. They moved brilliantly all over the map making us step on every minefield they laid. Striking back after every attack and then leaving quickly to a new place. A beautiful lesson on how to play fast semiopen maps.

gc180_2x1It was the arty what gave us the match. It’s normally Carter’s strong card but this time our shells were luckier than theirs. Last push was brutal but not enough to flip the tables.

gc183_2x1Aaaaaaaand madness to end the war. Mines, rockets, ams, fun, crazy chained explosions… I miss Crinckle.

See you one the ground, miladies.


5 responses to “the map maker

  1. I really enjoyed my time playing, even if I ended up on the losing side. I was really tired and already had a few drinks. At the end of the day its about participating not really winning, sure its nice to win, but it was great to speak to you guy’s again. The Volcanic map was great fun, I was surprised that I caught people with the mines near the end, it was great watching them do their job..
    I will see about joining again this week-end if I can. See you on the ground.

  2. Friday evenings are a bad time for me, Saturday evenings are better, hope to see you guy’s then…

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