nobody expects the spanish inquisition!

I was going to title it “pricks” but this is more fun. Explanations are given at the end of the report. Anyway. Lets go.


gc130_2x1After several games wasted by a couple of pricks (hence the almost title of the post) we landed on the batrachian shaped land to have at last a proper game. Despite a bad start they came down the hill as bloodthirsty barbarians ready to burn down and pillage everything in their path and so they did with Ghat at front. Simply unstoppable.

gc133_2x1Night were almost wasted in games spoiled by ragequits but we had this beauty to close. Sarvik wanted us dead, wanted it as quick as possible and wanted to kill us by himself. Either that or he forgot to wait for his team mates but the result was an initial 2vs1 where he got completely worn out and a last 2vs2 with the score in our side. I have to say it. When things work it’s a fucking pleasure to play alongside the yellow demon.


gc137_2x1We lost score quite soon in the game and then pushed. Pushed like brainless hungry brutes against the wall between them and a food stock. We put the strength they put the brains. They held their fort at north west while it was useful and then retreated to their DZ under the protection of their radar, and arty and some deadly rockets. There was a last charge and for a moment it seemed it could be done but it soon become clear it wouldn’t. Good job guys.

gc142_2x1Mines and rockets and turrets and stubbornness… That’s what gave them this match. We literally went all around the map poking here and there trying to find a hole in their defences. There wasn’t any. There’s not much to say about this one. We were just a bunch of bugs biting on a fucking rock.

gc143_2x1I still don’t know how to play this map. Every time we try to make a hold on the central hill it ends up as a trap. They got the initiative and never stopped marching on despite they didn’t need to. They attacked from both ends of the ridge and smashed us with shameful ease. Well, maybe “smash” is not the word. I think “phagocyte” would be more accurate. Bloody amoebas.

gc146_2x1I though we were going to lose. They got in fact a fancy start. then tried to run away and settle down at the central plateau but got split which let us chew a bit on Sarvik’s units, destroy a couple of radars and then push them back to their dropzone over a minefield I innocently lied down. It was close. They fought hard but got trapped and butchered at the very south east corner with few seconds to the end.


gc111_2x1Ok. This is from two weeks ago but I have to post it. Though they were ahead from the very beginning it was close for almost all the game. There were just two mins left and we were really worn out. Sarvik was pushing them back with a squad of principals which meant they where out of specs. I had just an APC, infantry and a single med with 1 shield. Van wasn’t better. I decided to charge from their rear. Drop the infantry and try to get as many points as possible. They were so focused on avoiding those principals they didn’t expect or see me even I was inside their radar range. Two APCs and some meds fell. My APC miraculously passed through the chaos and before they managed to punch back the bell rang with five points difference on our side. Sarvik does not usually yell at the end of a match but this time all the three of us did. It was just great.

Well. That’s all for today. See you on the ground, miladies.


5 responses to “nobody expects the spanish inquisition!

  1. Hey guy’s its been a while since I joined, almost did last night, re-installed GC, setup GR and also tested Vent to make sure everything was working, then a bloody power cut hit. Been out in the sticks where I live that tends to happen often.. by the time the power was restored I was too tired to do anything… Curse you PowerGen!! or who ever runs it.
    Anyway I hope to join you guy’s next week, barring power cuts that is.

    • Hey Ninja! Glad to hear that. I mean, you coming back to play with us, no the power cuts. We’ve been missing you. We also gather on Saturdays if you want to join us, have time and power :0)

  2. I’ll be trying to play soon too. Just been so busy with my “secrete agent” missions for mi6.

    • We’ve been missing you too! Ghat has tried to sing something now and then but it’s not the same. Nobody makes our ears bleed like you do :0)

  3. yay i was always on the winning team oh wait i was dead in 2 of the 3 “real games” thank you team for carrying me!!!!!!

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