First things first. The news of the week is that Rebellion has put GC and DC in a bundle to sell through steam and thanks to that I won’t have to talk about teenagers being stupid just for the sake of it because I can talk about Companies being stupid. Not a very big improvement but hey! I won’t be calling any kid stupid on public cause that would be rude. Deserved, but rude.

Anyway. What could be very good news and in fact are good news turned out to be also a confirmation that the guys from Rebellion have no idea about how to win communities or have any intention on doing anything with the franchise they bought in a bargain several years ago. Making things short theyjust told us to shut up and deny the fact that GC is freeware since 2004. You can check the thread here. The good news is we could have some new fresh players in our meetings, the bad news is we should get rid of any hope of working with this guys to improve and fix GC net issues.
Anyway… let’s switch to the report.


gc091_2x1I crashed just at 23 seconds to end but I’ll post it anyway cause it was very intense as most matches on this map are. BTW. Ninja, thanks again for them. Some are just great and for me this is one. We started grabbing our side of the map quite easily and the clashes started to heat up the central rims. Then Carter lost both arties, I lost a happy wandering APC and we all thought we were done. I certainly did and in not much time I found myself reduced to just one beam to annoy here and there. But, don’t know how, we came back point after point. and at just 23 second to the end we had a comfortable score gap that gave us the victory.

gc092_2x1Elektro is missing on the other team. Mind and a disguised Ghat rushed at the start and caught me on the wrong foot but Sarv and Darix were there to save my ass. To be fair I have to say Elektro was AFK most of the time so it was not really a balanced game. I think they probably would have won otherwise after that start.

gc098_2x1One of the most epic ragequits I’ve ever seen. It was as you can see a 3vs4. They landed top right. We landed bottom right so while Ghat and Carter ran for the southern hill I lost a few minutes mining all the south open land and a couple of the north passages. That worked out quite well but got me cut out from my team mates unable to reach the hill so I just focused on trying to stop one of the most fearful attacking tandem Darix and Sarvik together wanted to take the southern entrance and so squeeze us against Mind and Marcos’ forces. At last they got up there and slaughtered any surviving unit but at a very high price and with not enough time to hunt my remaining running away units. It was then. Just two seconds before the gong that Marcos tryind to avoid this (sort of) beautiful screen :0)
gc099_2x1 Great performance by Sarvik who dealed almost alone with the three of them while I was wandering around trying to stop any kind of flank. It almost worked… Then with just few units left, we lost the score and it all went down.


gc100_2x1It’s big. It’s asymmetrical. It’s confusing but I like this map. We basically build a base at north of the big long hill and from there tried to hit them as hard as we could. It took us a long time and units to blind both radars but after that we regained the score lost and moved the base to wait their attack. It was a hard one and we almost ran out of map to retreat but in the end the score cushion was big enough.

gc101_2x1It was a weekend of very intense games. Those where you don’t stop doing things since your frist DS lands until the time runs out. Ghat Carter and Elektro formed a stronghold on the central hill and pushed from there as if they were trying to physically move us out from the holes we have occupied. Meanwhile Darix was perpetrating all kinds of mischiefs like drones magically appearing at our back or a proper blunt flank with half an army that almost swept us out from our feet. A really good one.

gc104_2x1I have to say it. I though Elektro was going to blew it a couple of times and it was he in fact who won this one. He is usually a bit messy and absent minded when playing but his jags and rockets totally gave us this game. He got us ahead on the score at the beginning, He then saved our asses a couple of times when we lost our post at DZ3 and finally he was like a fucking rock when the last desperate attack came on us. Take a bow, man.

Aaaaand… I want to blow some stuff up. See you on the ground, guys.


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  1. NO WAY TO GET THE GAME FOR FREE!!! XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone pst the fileplanet link there plzz and thank you

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