It wasn’t me


Back in the time I laughed quite a lot with this video [youtube]  now, as it seems, we have our own version in GC. The one that when his team is going to lose the game quits some seconds before it ends so he doesn’t appear on the score screen as if nobody were going to notice… Nice try ¬.¬


gc062_2x1 The night started for me when we split the rooms to have a nice 2vs3. Here Marcos is missing on the other team and that scout on the screen is in fact the sole survivor in ours. They landed north east and split in two Carter and Elektro met us face to face at top middle were we had a nice battle 2vs2, then, Marcos came from south mining the only exit so we had to first stop him and then slip through between him and his team mates only a few point ahead in the score though mines, in the end, worked better for us than for them.

gc065_2x1I’m afraid I can’t remember much of what happened here which is not very usual but I honestly can’t. From the score you can deduce we did horrible and they did great but apart from that, no idea.

gc067_2x1This one I do remember. It was great. One of those with a very tight score changing back and forth in the last minutes. We started landing on the top left and right corners and considering theirs was a bit more uncomfortable than ours we tried to rush. It didn’t work at all and that gave them not only the score but time enough to grab the centre and build there a solid fortress. It was when we saw Ghat laying mines that we decided there was not much to do from there and took a looooong trip around the map to attack their rear. It worked. Shpooky’s APC was the first casualty and for a while they got confused enough to let us grab the lead… for not too long. The answer was hard and angry and we barely hold still. From there the score was dancing 2 points up and down until the very last second. I loved this match.

gc071_2x1Marcos again missing on the screen on the losing team. I like this map for 2vs3. It works fine despite being huge. I never played the top right dropzone before and neither did Ghat but it didn’t matter for him. He, in fact, won this game. I was just a wingman trying to cover flanks and holes in our defences while he was fighting in the very centre in an attaking mood as if we were the big team and not otherwise. At the end we had to run, yes, but with a nice and comfortable score gap. Take a bow, man.

gc073_2x1Yet again, Marcos missing on the screen on the losing team. Well… We tried to hold our base cause, to be honest, it was all we could hope for and we lost it quite fast and I though we were going to be slaughtered as if we were Starks on the Ted wedding, or Winterfell or The wall… or anywhere where a Stark is but Van (who was playing the map for the first time) and Marcos, already cornered, hold it surprisingly well while I was doing or trying to do some hunt on the enemy base. We died but died with honour.

gc076_2x1Thirty seconds. Thirty bloody seconds and we could have held it. We landed side to side and madness explode. I laid down a dense mine field to try to give us time enough to scape and set positions but there was no time at all. We had to slowly retreat while repelling one attack after the other and then, when there was no more space to step back, run away along the very border to scape the hordes of maniacs trying to avenge the fallen. We did scape but got cornered. Fought, dribbled and ran away with the remains… there was still too much time left. We got split and tried to win by dividing their forces but their forces were big enough to hunt us both and so they did. Damn it was so close.

I was able to be online just on Friday but as you can see it was a very nice day with enough battles and action to report. So… see you on the ground, folks!


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