rooms, old tags and iron walls

It has been a while since we had people enough to fill two rooms so it was a pleasure to have a 3vs3 and a 2vs2 at the same time. It was also nice to see Fantom back wearing his RI tag over the battle fields. I know, I know. I’m getting sentimental.

gc036_2x1Weird game, typical Ridges. They got the worst dropzone, top-left, and we got the best one, bottom right but even with this, they were close to conquer the central plain with a blunt unexpected flank from Darix who drove over my units as a bulldozer. Once this annoyance was controlled they had not much of a chance.

gc037_2x1A classic to welcome an old vet. He was all enthusiasm and bravery. Rustiness usually leads to that. While Carter and Marcos were busy making a mining belt all along the map I got an early Christmas present in the form of a yellow full loaded APC. Thanks, Ghat. They were pissed after that and knowing we could not scape through their minefields they pressed. We had just enough to hold and run like gazelles in time to scape the grip.

gc039_2x1It was unfortunate. They pressed well but thing just didn’t work. While the coordination in one side of the map was pretty good the other flank was falling to pieces and Marcos harvested them eagerly.

gc041_2x1They were supposed to win this one. They were indeed winning this one but got too greedy and too bold. It was anxiety, not mines, what took them down. THey got the score but Stat wanted the whole cake and got more than he could chew.  Carter then tried to catch the wheel and press but it was too late.


gc042_2x1Sometimes I wish I could listen to a recording of the other team’s chat. This was one of those. Carter complaining he was left in his base. Sarvik complaining he was too slow to follow. It was that what lost them. That and not getting the score at the beginning. If they had we would have had nothing to do agaist Carter’s defences. But a bunch of unlucky jags gave them they obligation to attack and they were too spread and too uncoordinated to sweep us.

gc044_2x1We lost a man just in the middle of a game that was going quite well. The plan was to take the hill and build a base there but we landed waaaaay too far away so we decided to set a front line and shell the hell out of them. That and some lucky mines was doing the trick. Then we lost Vitor and all went down. They rushed like bloodthirsty demons and we although we hold it for a bit, we broke down quite fast.

gc047_2x1IT was a 3vs4. Darix is the one missing in the other team. Anyway. This was horrible. After Stat took down a quite optimistic radar we just got all messed up. Darix at North. Stat and Ghat pushing fron the centre and Shpooky poking our left flank. We got no space, no vision, no numbers… Oh my, it hurt.gc048_2x1We landed really close. I stayed behind to try and stop them and in a way we stopped them but that costed us many units and an arty but we got ahead by few points. From there they coiled up and down, left and right and I got the feeling we were losing all the time but amazingly enough, we held the the fort.

gc053_2x1I’m not exactly sure how we managed to win this one. I sneaked to their rearguard while Stat and Marcos were fighting them upfront and took some APCs down but because of that my team mates lost a lot of units. We ended up somehow with no APCs whatsoever and running from each other while trying to take something down. It was quite fun

gc055_2x1Oh! what a frustrating mess. One of those games that could be summed up as hitting your head against a wall trying to make a small crack on it. They defended well. They coordination was good and solid. Mines, jags, rockets, arty and heavies solid as rock and we… we tried as hard as we could but it wasn’t enough.

Aaaaaaand… That’s all for today, my sweet ladies. See you on the ground in few minutes!


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