Star Citizen!

Hello everyone!

Now that I have some spare time in my hands I decided to make a brief post. I didn’t really know what to write about because quite honestly I haven’t been paying much attention to the game scene over the last months, however there is always something that is so much talked about and you can’t really avoid it. I am obviously referring to the game of the moment: Star Citizen.
This game basically has put all the hopes and dreams of a 90’s or 80’s geek into a single awesome multi-genre game with the possibility of changing and destroying the environment, buy spaceships, wandering about in your mother-ship? making a crew with real people with different tasks within a battle-ship? I think it is even hard to grasp what this game will really be…
The gaming community has been supporting Star Citizen since it made public, proof of that is the most successful crowd funded project in history, with more than 70 million dollars donated by about 800.000 people…
Recent updates include the introduction of an FPS mode, obviously the game is still in pre-alpha stage, but it is playable by the community.

Here is a good video showing last updates:

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