the way less honourable habit of ragequitting

Last Friday I came back home too tired and, I thought, too late for a game but what is reasonably late for european time seems to be just in time for Americans so after say hi and apologize for not being able to play I went to have some dinner and… well came back to try one but they were already in game and I was falling asleep on the keyboard so I just went bed. Why am I telling you this uninteresting story? Just to explain why there’s this time Saturday and Sunday blocks. Cause, you know, addicts need their dose.


gc1575_2x1I don’t know what happened. I really don’t. There’s Stat missing on that screen. They got the centre, they set comfortably on the damn middle of the map and from there smashed every attack as if we were annoying flies around some big bull. Quite a lot messy. Special mention to Van’s 2 offensive infantry squads. Not a very good idea for a DM1 but they were a lot of fun in the end.

gc1577_2x1This time it’s Inter the one missing. This time probably a ragequit. This was bad. Really bad. Absolutely uncoordinated. By the time Darix and Inter were half dead I hadn’t even met the enemy. A really bad, bad game.

gc1578_2x1Mind came just for one and found himself under those maniacs’ fire. We tried to dig in at the northest hills and managed to hold the fort quite well for some time but they kept attacking restless from both sides and finally ran over us. It was fun though.

gc1581_2x1But popular acclamation (and low begging) made Mind stay for a revenge on that dreadful-uncomfortable-narrow-zoned-so-good-for-jags-and-mines map. Mine were a success and this time we broke through in time to run away as the champions we truly are. Or something like that. This time was Marcos who tried to go away 40 seconds before the end of the match to avoid the screen but I got a screen just before he left. You are welcome, Marcos.


gc1586_2x1Chalkpit is probably one of my Ninja’s favourite maps even if this time it should have been called gravepit. They rushed. I didn’t manage to hold that first strike and they got a comfortable stronghold in the very middle. No room to manoeuvre. no room to flank and two bloodthirsty psychos throwing wverything at us as soon as we entered their well placed radars. We tried.

gc1587_2x1A mess. A complete and absolute mess. Stat blamed himself for not bringing mines on his scouts as we planned but the truth is they ran over us as if we were two drunk bugs on a holiday. It was, at least, fast.

gc1588_2x1We were shouting and screaming for a revenge. and we got it. I love revenges. The plan worked fine. They got the central hill and we made it rain arty shells on them. As easy as that. Well. Some good ventrilo coordination was involved and maybe some mines and some patrolling infantry… but yes, the arty worked fine :0)

Before I go to blow stuff on the surface of Krig 7B, Check out Stat’s server project thread. It look reeeeeeally promising and exciting!

See you on the ground!


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