the brave and noble art of running the fuck away

New players, fun stuff, verbal menaces, hot topics, uncomfortable flirting… Yep. It was a nice weekend despite some weird (as usual) stuff with maps not working and problems hosting. Game Ranger gods, I beg you, fix your shit up already!
Anyway. Here’s the report


It is somehow curious and weird Marcos’ more or less constant high scores considering his apparently innate lack of any ability for team play. I doubt anyone would step in here to contradict that and still, there you have. Well. To be fair I should add “when the game goes downhill for him” but still a very interesting fact… About the game itself. They were either too unlucky or too foolishly brave. We landed close. They decided to rush but ended sweeping up someone else’s mines. Carter and Ghat tried to trap us in the north-west corner but we escaped by the skin of our teeth and run, run, run. gc1498_2x1Shpooky started the game but soon dissappeared for undisclosed reasons leaving a game that didn’t last long before we squeezed them against the corner. Not much more to report on this.gc1500_2x1It was a matter of radars. They lost theirs quite fast. It seems Ghat didn’t bring one and as always Marcos didn’t either so after Carter lost his they were left half blind and, what’s worse, setting a base around my radar which let us manoeuvre quite comfortably around hitting here and there. It was nevertheless close and some amount of brave running away was needed.

gc1501_2x1This was not close. Maybe the score shows otherwise but it was not. Ghat’s dug in rockets were a pain. An unbreakable wall. We coiled up and down, back and forth but there was no weak spot to break into and all attacks ended up becoming suicidal ones.


gc1507_2x1It’s nice to have new players coming and it’s even nicer to have them coming back. That “player” up there is Phoenix. and did a very good job against those two psycho vets. They decided to wear heavy stuff and be both Cray so I decided to stay back and wait with an arty, a def gun, two infantries and no mines. They came by both sides and successfully evicted us from our pit but at a big price. Score was ours. Phoenix was dead by then and Kindly became my spy satellite guiding me in my usual running away.

gc1511_2x1What a lovely piece of teamwork. It must be said they had to new players on their side but the communication and helps on our side were just wonderful. They took the central hill but did not manage to pass beyond. Arty and constantly moving patrols did the job. I loved this one.

gc1513_2x1The night was ending and we tried this king of the hill of a map. It was close. They had the hill. Again at a big price. We got their both APCs we should just had to slowly worn them out… but as you can see we just didn’t manage to. They were too strong, had too many units and too many types of unit. Moreover they worked great together and we didn’t. Close but no cigar.

gc1514_2x1Different map. Same teams. Same story. Again we got close. Again we got their both APCs and, again too, we were completely unable to finish them. Next time, I swear, or the one after, but you’ll pay… or not.

Well, folks, that’s enough writing for today. Let’s blow up some stuff. See you on the ground!!!


3 responses to “the brave and noble art of running the fuck away

  1. LOL.. what is it they say, run away so you can fight another day..
    There is no shame in defeat as long as you learn from it.

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